31 MAY 2022
What Are The Best Pellets To Feed Rabbits?
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What are Rabbit Pellets? Rabbit pellets, or nuggets, are a complementary addition to your rabbits’ diet and can be a source of nutrition when fed correctly. Originally, pellets were developed as a cheap way to feed livestock and these earlier foods tended to be high in fat content and lacked the high quality nutrition needed to support long term health and wellbeing.   However, good-quality, high-fibre rabbit pellets are now more widely available. They often contain a base of grass with additional herbs and are supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Functional ingredients such as prebiotics may also be added to help support a healthy digestion. Do Rabbits Need Pellets? Given properly, and in the correct amounts, high-quality rabbit pellets offer a variety of vitamins and minerals that can support good health. They should be provided as part of a balanced diet. Rabbits need a high fibre diet made up of 85-90% high quality feeding hay or fresh grass, 10% rab.. [More] rabbitseatfood.jpg
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