20 NOV 2021
What Vets Recommend Hamsters Should Eat
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When it comes to food, hamsters like to forage and hoard – and they are extremely well equipped to carry their provisions from one place to another thanks to their ingenious cheek pouches. What’s more, these small omnivores also have very specific nutritional requirements...   Native to the arid landscapes of Syria and Turkey, hamsters evolved their cheek pouches so they could take full advantage of food wherever it happens to turn up. When you’re a very small animal it’s not always practical to eat what you’ve found right there and then – particularly if you’re at risk of becoming a hot lunch yourself. So, it makes perfect sense to stuff what you’ve foraged into your cheeks to take back to your burrow to eat it in safety. This is a natural behaviour that our pet hamsters continue to do. And, as hamster cheek pouches don't contain saliva glands, everything is kept fresh and dry during transit. Serve up the ideal hamster .. [More] hamsterboo.jpg
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