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Rabbit owners are delightful people. You know that they are rarely loud and obnoxious (their rabbits would never stand for it); they have plenty of patience (because getting to know a rabbit takes time); and you can be certain that they are fu.. [More]
Nobody enjoys cleaning their cat’s litter box—but this chore is extremely important for helping reduce the chances of your healthy cat contracting a disease. Not only will eliminating waste buildup in your cat’s litter box pr.. [More]
According to Dogs Trust, the advice on how to help pets cope with fireworks has been wrong for years. So, what should we do to help worried and anxious pets? For pet owners, the beginning of November and New Year's Eve can mean stressful t.. [More]

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Canada Litter 12kg
List Price : R350.00
Price : R300.00
Canada Litter’s fast clumping action stops liquids before they reach the bottom or sides of the litter pan, reducing the creation of bad odours. The pure clay composition of Canada Litter creates strong clumps that will not break apart when picked-up, allowing the litter to stay fresher longer. Canada Litter is the #1 solution for odour free, easy-to-use, long-lasting, natural, and safe cat litter. Made in Canada.
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