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The brand new range of OPTI SET aquarium sets manufactured in Poland by Aquael is something that delights even the most demanding customers. For this reason, you can be sure that you will be impressed by it's high quality of workmanship. A.. [More]

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Aquael Acti FMC Pond Water Treatment
List Price : R225.00
Price : R200.00
AQUAEL ACTI FMC is a highly effective preparation for pond water disinfection. Removes harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can cause fish disease. The preparation can also be used to disinfect fishponds (e.g. at pet shops and garden centres), tools, and equipment (nets, landing nets). 250ml treats 5000 litres
Aquael Acti Antyglon Pond Water Treatment
List Price : R225.00
Price : R200.00
AQUAEL ACTI ANTYGLON is a preparation against stationary algae. It quickly and effectively stops algae growth and causes them to die. 250ml treats 5000 litres
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