Carefresh Bedding Vs Wood Shavings
One 14l bag of Carefresh bedding will normally last 2-3 months whilst the customer using wood shavings will use 4 or more bags during the same period. Wood shavings is a very poor absorbent and needs to be changed every 5-7 days, while Carefresh bedding only need changing every 3-4 weeks. How much will 4 bags of wood shavings cost versus the one bag of Carefresh for same period? Which product is better?   Wood shavings are commonly used in South Africa as a bedding for small animals b.. more
Why Grass Is Important For Burgess Excel
Not all grass is the same. At Burgess, they believe in producing grass with the highest possible nutritional value, grown in a way that supports British farmers and gives the environment a helping hand. When you look at their Excel products for rabbits and guinea pigs, you’ll find that grass is listed as the first ingredient. This is because, in the wild, grass is what these small animals would eat. As pets, it remains the most important element of their diet. However, not all grass is the.. more
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Starter Kits
Many new customers, who have never owned a small animal or exotic pet, will find our starter kits very useful. Kits are available for the most popular beginner species. They contain all the basic products needed to house your small animal pet. With our experience behind us we've designed kits to keep husbandry simple.

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