Choosing Aquarium For Aquascape
Ranging from R1600 for the Aquael Shrimpet Smart 10 aquarium set to R13 0000 for the Aquael Glossy 120 with cabinet, there is an aquascaping solution to fit all budgets. Smaller aquariums cost less to aquascape and have smaller running costs. Larger aquariums have greater environmental stability, bigger livestock options and capacity.   Bigger tanks will usually take longer to maintain. Water changes, large surfaces of glass to clean and lots of plants to trim can be time consuming. S.. more
Bonding With Your Small Pets
There are cat people and there are dog people – but there are also some who believe that small pets are where it’s at. Whether you cherish your chinchillas, have a passion for bunnies, adore guinea pigs, or have a soft spot for rats, hamsters, gerbils or degus, as a committed and responsible owner you want your small furries have the best life they can. Building a closer bond with your little pets will enhance and enrich your relationship with them.   A great way to build .. more
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Starter Kits
Many new customers, who have never owned a small animal or exotic pet, will find our starter kits very useful. Kits are available for the most popular beginner species. They contain all the basic products needed to house your small animal pet. With our experience behind us we've designed kits to keep husbandry simple.

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