Dog Owners: Toxic Garden Plants to Avoid
Dogs love to explore using their keen sense of smell and taste. Usually, a dog will be able to smell a poisonous plant but this isn’t always the case. Some plants can appear ripe and good to eat, but contain unusually high levels of toxicity. This includes commonly found produce such as the acorn from an English oak tree. When out for a walk, you can keep your dog on a short leash to control what plants they go near, but did you know there may be toxic plants in your own bac.. more
Are you Unknowingly Making Your Dog Sick?
How to Maintain a Healthy Canine Diet? Dogs are true members of the family and they need care and attention, especially when it comes to diet and nutrition. Historically, dogs were always fed on leftovers, but now the majority of dog owners purchase dog-specific food and supplement this with the odd snack or treat. We need to be really careful what we feed our dogs as there are lots of human treats that can not only disagree with dogs, but actually be toxic.   Chocolate and Caffei.. more
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Many new customers, who have never owned a small animal or exotic pet, will find our starter kits very useful. Kits are available for the most popular beginner species. They contain all the basic products needed to house your small animal pet. With our experience behind us we've designed kits to keep husbandry simple.

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