Why You Should Never Feed Seeds To Pet Birds
Veterinarians will tell you that the majority of diseases seen in pet parrots today all have the same underlying problem, a poor diet. An all-seed diet is highly likely to result in a myriad of health problems and shorten your bird’s lifespan significantly. Although many pet stores will try to convince you otherwise, a healthy, balanced diet for parrots is not providing a fresh bowl of seeds every morning. In fact, a diet consisting of only seeds is a pretty certain way to shorten your par.. more
New Burgess Wellbeing Cat Food Range
Burgess Pet Care used their 200 years of pet nutrition expertise to develop a new Wellbeing food range for cats that is completely grain-free with a range of functional health benefits including weight control, digestive health and skin & coat condition.      Because Burgess understand pets have unique nutritional needs and suffer from health problems such as obesity, dental cavities and digestive issues just like humans, they made their new three-strong range – spe.. more
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Starter Kits
Many new customers, who have never owned a small animal or exotic pet, will find our starter kits very useful. Kits are available for the most popular beginner species. They contain all the basic products needed to house your small animal pet. With our experience behind us we've designed kits to keep husbandry simple.

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