Diagnosing Rabbit Dental Disease
Rabbits are continuing to be seen in increasing numbers in veterinary clinics with dental disease. The main staple of a rabbit's diet should be grass and timothy hay. Your rabbit will consume a lot of hay daily; it’s vital for digestive health. When rabbits become adults, they will be able to eat some alfalfa hay (lucerne) on occasion, but young bunnies need to stick with timothy hay. Once the rabbit has snipped off that tasty dandelion, he uses his tongue to thrust it back to.. more
Birds Need More Than Seeds
We live in a land of fast food, fatty snacks, and junk food junkies. French fries dripping with grease, hamburgers packed with calories – most of us are painfully aware that our diets are less than ideal. Could our pets also be suffering from a similar situation? If that pet is a bird and it's on an all-seed diet, the answer's an emphatic “Yes!” While nature lovers can safely supplement wild birds with feeders full of seed, too much seed for your pet bird can lead.. more
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Starter Kits
Many new customers, who have never owned a small animal or exotic pet, will find our starter kits very useful. Kits are available for the most popular beginner species. They contain all the basic products needed to house your small animal pet. With our experience behind us we've designed kits to keep husbandry simple.

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