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We have decided to close down our company SIGNALS AUDIO VISUAL at end April 2016. Signals has been importing some of the world’s best high-end audio equipment for close to 24 years in South Africa. The reason is due to the sharp devaluation of the Rand since 2013. We are having a STOCK LIQUIDATION SALE offering as much as 75% DISCOUNT off retail prices with remaining stock we have available in our warehouse. You will never get these products at these prices ever again.
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ELAC FS 50.8 Speaker Package
List Price : R60,000.00
Price : R19,999.00
EXCLUDES SUBWOOFER. Those mindful of price, but still looking for superb sound quality will find the ELAC 50.2 Series highly suitable. With their straightforward design and front baffles in satin black paint the models of the 50.2 Series become real eye catchers. Cabinets finishes of Black Ash or Cherry together with semi gloss metal grilles complete the package – simply neat! FS 58.2 x2, CC 51.2 x1, BS 53.2 x2
ELAC FS 147 Loudspeakers
List Price : R45,000.00
Price : R16,999.00
The ELAC FS 147 floorstanding loudspeaker is the latest range of ELAC loudspeakers to use the JET III AMT tweeter in an entry level product. The ELAC FS 147 floorstanding loudspeaker uses 2 x 140mm AS sandwich Bass/Mid drive units in a 2-1/2 way configuration alongside the Jet III AMT tweeter and this allows the FS 147 to offer a very open and spacious sound but with a very natural presentation. Colour Black Ash
Xavian Bonbonus Loudspeakers
List Price : R16,000.00
Price : R6,999.00
Bonbonus: A small miracle, made by Xavian. Bonbonus is simply an incredible mini-monitor: music lovers will be astonished firstly by the really affordable price. Bonbonus plays music in a totally different way than mainstream mass-market speakers you buy in this price range: Bonbonus has no unnatural high treble notes or exaggerated bloated and boxy sounding bass. Oak and Nero in stock
Ayon Crossfire III Tube Amplifier
List Price : R250,000.00
Price : R149,000.00
The Crossfire III is Ayon's most powerful SE-triode integrated amplifier featuring single-ended triode circuitry with our exceptional Ayon 62B power tube. Zero dB feedback, pure class-A operation for the most natural fast and authentic 3D holographic sound. It’s uncompromising design with rich and varied interplay of macro- and micro lines of dynamic performance.
Living Voice IBX-R2 94dB Loudspeakers
List Price : R240,000.00
Price : R99,000.00
The Avatar IBX-R2 contains further refinement and detail. Hand made with meticulous attention to detail, it is uncompromised by production engineering constraints. A Scanspeak Revelator tweeter is responsible for the superbly smooth and detailed upper octaves. The IBX-R2 provides unrivalled insight and pleasure. Perfect partner for low powered valve ampliers to provide unrivalled dynamics and speed. Walnut finish
ELAC Starlet 5.1 Speaker Package
List Price : R35,000.00
Price : R11,999.00
Elac Starlet 5.1 AV Speaker Package offers all the benefits of Elac's long standing Reputation for high-end audio, combined with the elegance and style of a modern, compact AV speaker system. Elac were careful not to sacrifice musicality in any form when designing this system, being as comfortable reproducing 5.1 channel cinema soundscapes, as it is hitting the highs and lows of your favorite artists and bands.
Crystal Acoustics T2-5.1-UL THX Speaker System
List Price : R75,000.00
Price : R29,999.00
Enjoy studio-grade audio, in small to medium-sized rooms. ΤHX Ultra2 Certified front towers. NEW THX Ultra2 12" Active Subwoofer. Dual chamber front towers enclosure. Dipole ΤΗΧ certified surrounds for immerive cinematic effects. Electronic protection on each tweeter, for safe operation at high listening levels. Luxurious combination of high gloss and black ash finish.
Xavian Bonbonus On-Wall Loudspeakers (pair)
List Price : R22,000.00
Price : R9,999.00
Slim on-wall speaker coming from the Bonbonus model. Perfect choice when you cannot use classically shaped speakers. Thanks to its ideal size you may install it in both vertical or horizontal position. When horizontally installed, you get a nice and elegant centre speaker for home cinemas. When vertically mounted, you get slim on-wall front channels.
Xavian Gran Colonna II Loudspeakers
List Price : R50,000.00
Price : R14,999.00
The new Xavian Gran Colonna (in Italian "great column") is a two-way floor standing bass-reflex speaker system with impeccable manners. The crossover now uses progressive slopes for stable soundstage and low distortion. Equipped with a custom made Eton mid-bass driver and a Vifa/Scan-Speak high-frequency driver, the new Gran Colonna promises to perform with temperament and character for all the music genres. Colour: Black
ELAC BS 142 Loudspeakers
List Price : R22,000.00
Price : R8,999.00
The ELAC BS 142 standmount loudspeaker is the latest range of ELAC loudspeakers to use the JET III AMT tweeter in an entry level product. The ELAC BS 142 uses a 135mm AS sandwich Bass/Mid drive unit alongside the Jet III AMT tweeter and this allows the BS 142 to offer a very open and spacious sound but with a very natural presentation. Colour Black Ash
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