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If you already own rabbits or guinea pigs, you know that feeding them is not always so straightforward. In the wild, their eating habits include grass, tree bark and twigs. Domestic rabbits and guinea pigs need a similar fibre-filled diet from.. [More]

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Chipsi Super Bedding
List Price : R135.00
Price : R120.00
THE next generation pet bedding! Fine granulate instead of shavings! CHIPSI SUPER soft wood granulate is a new, very effective and super absorbent bedding product. Thanks to an enlarged capillary surface, this bedding granulate offers more suction capacity, improved moisture absorption and extremely effective odour-binding. Its high efficiency and the resulting savings on materials makes CHIPSI SUPER the most innovative, modern and economic bedding alternative. Size: 60L
Chipsi Ultra Bedding
List Price : R190.00
Price : R170.00
Extra gentle on little paws, extremely absorbent and odour-binding! With CHIPSI ULTRA, the innovative structurally-fine granulate, it offers you an attractive, special bedding product. CHIPSI ULTRA is extremely absorbent and has exceptional yield. The structurally-fine granulates disintegrate in the cage into a soft and cozy bedding. With its ultra-strong odour-binding, CHIPSI ULTRA is specially designed for the needs of pets in a home environment. Size: 10L
Chipsi Universal Plus Hygiene Pellets
List Price : R180.00
Price : R160.00
Hygiene pellets with natural active odour blocker. The unique, innovative active ingredient complex – a natural plant extract – with its antimicrobial effect eliminates bacteria, thus actively preventing the formation of unpleasant odours even over long periods of time and ensures noticeable air improvement and a longer service life of the litter. They form extra absorbent layer in the cage or cat litter tray: extra absorbent, low dust and very efficient. 4.4kg
Chipsi Carefresh Forest Green 14L
List Price : R220.00
Price : R195.00
CHIPSI CAREFRESH® Forest Green consists of extra long strokably soft natural cellulose fibres, with the help of which you can create a cheerfully colourful and exceptionally pleasant living environment for your pet.
Chipsi Climate Floor
List Price : R146.00
Price : R130.00
It’s a first-rate climate in the home of your pet, with CHIPSI CLIMATE FLOOR hemp mats for small animals! This means warmth (though not to excess), and practically no dust, and so is ideally suited to sensitive or allergic animals, ensuring superlative air quality in the cage along with cleanliness and hygiene.
Chipsi EXTRA Soft
List Price : R440.00
Price : R395.00
Modern hygiene for aviaries, terrariums or cages. The perfect ALTERNATIVE to sand or chips! CHIPSI EXTRA SOFT:Softwood chips with particularly hygienic properties is the versatile solution for birds, exotics and many small animals. Size: 8kg
Chipsi Forest Fresh
List Price : R320.00
Price : R285.00
With the CHIPSI FOREST FRESH bark litter mixture for small animals, your pet will think it is in the forest – this tree bark litter, originating from mixed European woodlands, has such a fresh and attractive scent. CHIPSI FOREST FRESH is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and is biodegradable. Rodents and birds will be particularly keen on the authentic scent of woodland and natural cleanliness of the cage. And snakes, reptiles and tortoises will be happy with it as well. Size: 30L
Carefresh Blue Paper Bedding
List Price : R230.00
Price : R205.00
Makes the softest, driest, most comfortable home for your small pet with complete comfort care. Carefresh® does not contain toxic aromatic hydrocarbons that exist in wood shavings making it safer for your pet. Proven odour control formula suppresses overpowering ammonia odours for up to ten days. Absorbs liquid better than shavings. Virtually dust-free to ensure a cleaner, healthier habitat and easy clean-up for you.
Comfy Pinokio Clumping Pellets 7L
List Price : R360.00
Price : R320.00
Clumping litter consisting of mini pellets made from 100% natural softwood for long-haired cats, rabbits, rodents. made of 100% natural softwood and a natural binding agent. great clumping properties. conveniently shaped as pellets. perfectly absorbs odours. fully biodegradable can be disposed of via the sanitary drains. exceptionally absorbent and easy to use especially recommended for long-haired cats (the mini pellets do not stick to the coat)
Sharples Corner Litter Pan Small
List Price : R260.00
Price : R230.00
Corner Litter Pan Small - Superb quality, high gloss plastic corner litter tray. Suitable for ferrets, guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits. Helps to keep your pet's cage clean and tidy. Available in two fun colours. Size: 35cm
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