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Hay produced in South Africa are traditionally sun-dried whilst leading hay manufacturers such as Newhay and Bunny Nature are using the latest developments in technology to produce high quality feeding hay.   Newhay timothy hay has .. [More]
Bunny Nature is a family owned business in Germany that is founded with love for animals. Their goal, which they continue to pursue to this day, is to produce optimal and healthy food for small animals, which is perfectly tailored to their ori.. [More]
Vets report that four out of five rabbits or guinea pigs that come into their practice have a health problem that is directly related to poor diet. Common ailments are constipation, overgrown teeth, obesity and other problems related to these .. [More]

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Kamoer ATO One 2 Smart Auto Top Off
List Price : R3,223.00
Price : R2,900.00
ATO One 2 is an intelligent water replenishment device, is an upgraded version of ATO One.ATO One 2 SE is the standard version with submersible pump, it only needs to install the sensor and submersible pump, which can be used after power on without setting. The sensor is fixed by magnet, which is convenient for installation and adjustment. Equipped with optical level sensor, blue optical level sensor is used to monitor the water level and decide whether to replenish water, red optical level sens
Aquael Leddy Tube 7W Sunny D&N 2.0
List Price : R950.00
Price : R850.00
Aquael Leddy Tube Sunny Day & Night 2.0 lighting module designed to illuminate freshwater aquariums, which simulates the natural, diurnal cycle of light - morning, day and night. The light perfectly conveys the colors of the fish and stimulates the growth of plants. It is characterized by low energy consumption, very strong luminous flux and high colour rendering index.
Kamoer X4 PRO WiFi Dosing Pump
List Price : R11,205.00
Price : R10,085.00
Kamoer remote App controlled Wi-Fi dosing pump the Kamoer‘X4 PRO’ the most compact 4 channel dosing pump with screen available in the marketplace. The pump will provide simple, flexible and precise control of supplement additions to your aquarium through the easy to use Kamoer remote mobile App (Android and IOS). X4 PRO using direct drive geared DC motors for the ultimate in dosing accuracy and precision at an affordable price. These pumps are incredibly small, under 250mm wide and 50mm deep.
Aquael Telescope Fish Net
List Price : R150.00
Price : R135.00
Extendable telescopic handle makes it easy to use on different tank sizes and also convenient to store. Ideal for deeper tanks, keep your arms dry! Universal nets designed for the safe catching of fish in freshwater and salt-water aquariums. The nets are made of soft mesh to protect the fish’s sensitive skin against mechanical injury. Thanks to the rectangular shape of the nets, fish can be captured even in the corners of the tank.
Aquael Glass Thermometre 6cm
List Price : R61.00
Price : R55.00
One of the necessary equipment that should be mandatory in every aquarium is, of course, a thermometer. In water bodies, regardless of whether they are marine or freshwater bodies, the temperature should be controlled so that it is maintained at the appropriate level. A professional thermometer for an aquarium with a suction cup, thanks to which you can quickly and efficiently attach the product to the wall, is ideal for freshwater and marine tanks. So you can confidently bet on this practical
Aquael Socket LINK Duo WiFi
List Price : R1,650.00
Price : R1,485.00
SOCKET link DUO - electronic, two-channel time controller controlled by a mobile application. Works with lighting, circulation pump, solenoid valve, sterilizer, heating cable, etc. Support for two devices up to 250W each. Stable WiFi connection. Convenient operation thanks to the Aquael Aqu@rium mobile app.
Aquael Gravel Cleaner 1
List Price : R134.00
Price : R120.00
Siphon for soil cleaning AquaEl Gravel Cleaner is an original and easy-to-use sludge separator, additionally equipped with a practical wall cleaner. The device consists of a high cylindrical column of high-quality transparent plastic and a long hose of rubber resistant to deformation. The sludge separator is equipped with the "Easy Start" system. To activate the device, immerse the sludge separator column in the aquarium and move it up and down several times with quick movements. Along with the
Aquael Silicone Lubricant
List Price : R80.00
Price : R72.00
Aquael Silicone Lubricant maximises the life of o-rings and moving parts within aquarium equipment. The Aqua Lube helps lubricate o-rings and impeller shafts to help them last longer and to prevent them from becoming dry and damaged of period of time.
Aquael Basic Magnet Cleaner
List Price : R335.00
Price : R300.00
The surfaces of the MAGNETIC CLEANER that come in direct contact with the tank walls are covered with a special coating. Although the coating is rough to the touch, it does not scratch or otherwise damage the tank walls. Thanks to the coating, the cleaner perfectly removes even persistent green and red algae as well as plaque and stains that may appear on the outer side of the wall.
American Marine Pinpoint pH Monitor
List Price : R3,800.00
Price : R3,400.00
The PINPOINT pH Monitor™ is in use by thousands of customers worldwide. This affordable unit remains the only full-time pH monitor with .01 resolution. The PINPOINT pH Monitor™ requires only a 9-volt battery and is sold complete with probe and calibration fluids. The electrode is also available separately and fits any meter or monitor. Comes complete with meter, probe and all calibration fluids.
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