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The best way to maintain a healthy aquarium is by keeping your water parameters stable. That is why it is essential to regularly monitor your water quality to ensure key parameters are at optimum levels for fish and coral. Aquarium automation .. [More]
Why do we need Calcium Reactors for reef aquariums? In nature, seawater bathes coral reefs and provides many minerals and elements. Of all the minerals and elements present in natural seawater, no mineral is consumed as quickly or in large amo.. [More]
As most aquascapers and reefers know it is important to have good and healthy plant and coral growth in a tropical or marine aquarium. Since 1998, Easy Life in the Netherlands has produced high quality aquarium and pond products that distingui.. [More]

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Burgess Excel Rat Nuggets
List Price : R160.00
Price : R140.00
Burgess Excel Rat Nuggets are an all-in-one meal created especially for your pet rats’ needs as omnivores. Each delicious nugget contains the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The nuggets prevent selective feeding – unlike muesli-style foods where rats often pick out sweet bits and leave the rest, leading to an imbalanced diet. The nuggets help maintain beautiful coat colour and contains prebiotics to encourage friendly bacteria for a healthy digestion. Size: 1.5kg
Carefresh Mouse & Rat Food
List Price : R150.00
Price : R125.00
Give your mouse or rat a healthy taste experience. Crafted to encourage a mouse's or rat's instinctual foraging behavior, this recipe contains crunchy pellets combined with 10 real fruits and veggies, including pieces of carrot, sweet potato, zucchini, and peas, to tempt your mouse or rat's taste buds and provide a nutritious, flavourful meal. For mice and rats. 907g
Burgess Excel Apple Snacks
List Price : R80.00
Price : R70.00
Excel Apple Snacks are complementary healthy snacks for rabbits and guinea pigs. These tasty apple snacks are carefully air dried and cut into pieces that are ideal for handfeeding.Provides emotional and social enrichment, keeping your small animal happy. Good for emotional health. Prevents boredom. 100% natural, wholesome ingredients. Size: 80g.
Burgess Excel Gnaw Sticks
List Price : R80.00
Price : R70.00
Excel Nature Snacks are complementary healthy snacks for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals. Gnawing on Excel Nature Snacks Gnaw Sticks will help wear down teeth keeping them in optimum condition. Naturally high in Beneficial Fibre 77%. Good for emotional health. Promotes dental health. Provides emotional and social enrichment, keeping your pet happy. Prevents boredom. 100% natural, wholesome ingredients.
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