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Blue Life Clear FX
List Price : R300.00
Price : R260.00
CLEAR FX works rapidly to remove organic pollutants while leaving behind essential trace elements effectively keeping aquariums clean, clear and healthy for months. The proprietary blend combines a super carbon, hybrid phosphate resin and organic scavenger resin. The media is compatible within both canister filters and standard sumps. The long lasting, high capacity resin absorbs phosphates in half the time as a standard GFO and will not release phosphates back into the water.
Blue Life Clear FX Pro
List Price : R380.00
Price : R340.00
CLEAR FX PRO is an advanced all-in-one filtration media. BlueLife`s cutting edge technology is compatible with both fresh and saltwater aquariums of all sizes. The proprietary blend combines a super carbon, hybrid phosphate resin and organic scavenger resin. CLEAR FX PRO works rapidly to remove organic pollutants while leaving behind essential trace elements effectively keeping aquariums clean, clear and healthy for months.
NT Labs Algae Gone
List Price : R225.00
Price : R200.00
Suitable for coldwater & tropical aquariums, clumps algae and other particles together allowing filter to strain them out. Green water/algae or cloudy water caused by over feeding and fish waste is unsightly and can be dangerous as it may alter the pH and oxygen levels in your aquarium. Algae Gone is a single dose plant friendly treatment that will clarify the green or cloudy water in your aquarium.
MarinePure GEMs Biofilter Media
List Price : R380.00
Price : R340.00
MarinePure GEMs are the perfect size for canister filters, hang on the back filters or nano-tank filter systems. Each box will contain over 135 m2 of accessible Surface Area. This amount of media is good for up to 260 litre systems. They will be the perfect solution for ammonia and nitrite elimination and most users will also see better control in their Nitrates.
MarinePure Spheres (1.9L)
List Price : R760.00
Price : R680.00
MarinePure 1.5" Spheres is designed for ammonia and nitrite removal and minimizes nitrates in canister and similar filtration systems. Perfect replacement for bioballs since only one MarinePure ball has the same surface area as 1 350 plastic bio-balls. Stays wet during power outages or pump failure which will keep your nitrating bacteria alive. Provides consistent water chemistry. Reduces tank maintenance. Able to support large fish loads. Greater than 80% open porosity. Surface Area 970 m2.
MarinePure Block
List Price : R1,400.00
Price : R1,260.00
MarinePure is hands down the BEST biological filter media on the market, and with their long lifespan, are definitely worth the pricetag. Their immense surface area to volume ratio is what makes this product so desirable. Removes Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate. Primarily designed to provide deep anaerobic zones for de-nitrification in passive systems. Live rock substitute. Surface Area 2150 m2. Block size is 20.5 x 20.5 x 9.5cm
MarinePure MP2C Cubes - 1 Cubic Feet
List Price : R4,500.00
Price : R4,000.00
Ceramic Bio-Filter Media with Vast Surface Area and Open-Flow Porosity. Designed for ammonia & nitrite removal; 2" cubes designed for the high flow of Koi & Goldfish ponds and recirculating aquaculture systems; Use extra-large filters and shower filters. One cubic foot is good for 1,500 to 2,000 gallons of water. More than 100 cubes in box.
Aquael BioCeraMAX Pro 1600
List Price : R230.00
Price : R200.00
Unique element intended for biological filtration of water in freshwater and saltwater aquariums, paludariums, aqua-terrariums and terrarium pools. It has the form of bowls made of fine-pore sintered glass ensuring exceptionally high filtration surface (1600 m2). 1000 ml
List Price : R320.00
Price : R280.00
PolyBioMarine's highly adsorbent chemical filter media pads that quickly and efficiently remove impurities, medications, and phosphate from aquarium water. Use in power filters, undergravel filters, and the chemical filtration compartment of canister filters. Simply cut to any size or shape to custom fit any aquarium filter. Rapidly improves water clarity and actively removes harmful organic waste buildup for several months. Changes colour to indicate pollutants being removed. Size: 20 x 10cm
Aquael CarboMAX Plus
List Price : R220.00
Price : R195.00
CarboMAX Plus – a unique element for filtering aquarium water in fresh and saltwater tanks, made of high quality active carbon. It has a form of durable, dust-free granules. 1000 ml
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