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There are cat people and there are dog people – there are also rabbit people who open up their homes for free ranging bunnies to enjoy their life as house pets. As rabbits are clever, clean creatures who can be litter-trained, why not ha.. [More]
Unless they’ve got used to it from a very young age, some rabbits really don’t enjoy being handled and may wriggle, kick out and even give you a nip when you try to pick them up. Others, who have gained confidence and trust in thei.. [More]
Like all baby animals, kittens love to play. As well as being lots of fun, play teaches young cats about the world around them, aids their physical development and hones their fabulous feline skills. As cats get older, play is a great way to k.. [More]

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Comfy Candy
List Price : R650.00
Price : R580.00
CANDY - a high-quality ornamental pet bed in the form of a soft mattress. Made of nubuck in Poland. Size: 80x60x10cm
Comfy Lilly
List Price : R400.00
Price : R375.00
LILLY - ornamental bedding in the form of a soft couch decorated with a bow. The Lilli line of products also includes a carrier bag. Sizes: XS 42x34x14 cm, S 48x40x15 cm, M 54x46x16 cm, L 60x51x17 cm
Comfy Megan Bed
List Price : R800.00
Price : R680.00
Comfy MEGAN - an original ''two-in-one'' pet kennel made up of two beds joined with a zip fastener. Made in Poland. Sizes: Small 50x40x40 cm (Beige), Medium 53x45x42 cm (Lime Green)
Comfy Donna
List Price : R220.00
Price : R200.00
Oval pet beds with thickened edge. May be washed several times. 52cm
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