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NT Labs Koi Care - Mediclay
List Price : R650.00
Price : R585.00
Pure High Calcium Montmorillonite Clay. Clarifies water, enhances skin quality, stimulates appetite, controls buildup of waste & bacteria which cause ill health. Mediclay stimulates the biological system in favour of beneficial bacteria helping to reduce algae. Mediclay will also “polish” the water resulting in amazing clarity to observe your fish.
NT Labs Pond Salt Plus
List Price : R410.00
Price : R365.00
POND HEALTH PROMOTING SALT. Pond Salt Plus has many uses in helping to keep your fish fit and healthy and to help them recover from illness. Use as a general tonic, to support the immune system and help reduce stress allowing fish to recover from wounds/ulcers, as a dip to help remove parasitic infections and supply essential physiological trace elements. Can also be used to reduce the toxicity of harmful nitrite on fish If the biological filter is not working properly.
NT Labs Koi Care - Chloramine T
List Price : R380.00
Price : R340.00
Treats External Bacterial and Parasitic infections. Use when fish show symptoms of a bacterial infection (ulcers, fin, tail or mouth rot, loose scales), parasitic infection (Costia, Trichodina, skin or gill flukes), flicking and rubbing against rough surfaces or gasping. Suitable for koi only.
NT Labs Koi Care - Paramedic Kit
List Price : R780.00
Price : R700.00
All-in-one kit for emergency treatment of wounded or ulcerated fish. The Koi Care Paramedic Kit has been developed to treat cuts, abrasions or ulcers on the exterior body surface of Koi carp, and all other types of fish in all types of pond. It contains six separate components: 1 x10ml Koi Calm,1 x30ml Ulcer Swab,1 x30ml Propolis Wound Seal,1 pair of gloves, 10 cotton swabs & Instruction leaflet
NT Labs Koi Care - Acriflavin
List Price : R450.00
Price : R400.00
Antiseptic & Anti-Bacterial Treatment for Koi. Treats: Fin, Tail & Mouth Rot and Ulcers. Use when fish show symptoms of a bacterial infection, or as a quarantine solution before adding new fish. Acriflavin can be used in conjunction with NT Labs Ulcer Swab and NT Labs Propolis Wound Seal for the treatment of ulcers and other open wounds. Suitable for koi only.
NT Labs Koi Care - Permanganate Dip
List Price : R450.00
Price : R400.00
Use when fish have visible external parasites such as lice and leeches, or show signs of parasitic infection (such as flicking, rubbing or gasping) or ulcers. Permanganate can be used as a whole pond treatment to treat parasitic infections from Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella, etc, or as a dip treatment in a separate volume of water to treat fish lice and leeches, and for cleaning ulcers.
NT Labs Koi Care - Flukasol
List Price : R860.00
Price : R770.00
Anti-Fluke Treatment for Koi. Treats Skin and Gill Flukes. Use when fish show signs of a fluke infestation, including flicking, gasping, excessive mucus or lethargy, preferably after confirmation of your diagnosis by microscopy. Flukasol is an easy-to-use, liquid suspension of flubendazole, which targets skin and gill flukes. 500ml
NT Labs Koi Care - Argusol
List Price : R860.00
Price : R770.00
Anti-Argulus & Anchor Worm treatment for Koi. Treats fish lice (Argulus), anchor worm (Lernaea) and other crustacean parasites. Use when fish have large external parasites. Argusol is an easy-to-use suspension of diflubenzuron, a powerful anti-crustacean medication. Suitable for koi only. 500ml
NT Labs Koi Care - Formaldehyde
List Price : R450.00
Price : R400.00
Anti-Parasite Treatment for Koi. Treats: White Spot, Trichodina, Costia, Chilodonella. When fish show symptoms of a parasitic infection, including white spots along the fins and body, flicking and rubbing, gasping at the surface, or an opaque film over the body. Formaldehyde is highly effective at treating parasites due to its ability to penetrate through the mucus layer, reaching those parasites which would otherwise be protected from alternative bath treatments.
NT Labs Koi Care - Malachite
List Price : R490.00
Price : R435.00
Anti-Fungal Treatment for Koi. Treats: Fungus caused by Saprolegnia. Use when fish have white growths on the body, head or fins, which may contain some green or brown discolouration. Malachite can be used in conjunction with Koi Care Formaldehyde to treat fungal infections more effectively. Suitable for koi only. 250ml treats 20 000 Litres
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