10 NOV 2018
Helping Your Pets Cope With Fireworks
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According to Dogs Trust, the advice on how to help pets cope with fireworks has been wrong for years. So, what should we do to help worried and anxious pets? For pet owners, the beginning of November and New Year's Eve can mean stressful times ahead. For a week or more, the prospect of unexpected bangs and flashes that terrify dogs, cats and small furries is a seasonal challenge that many pet owners dread.    There are, of course, lots of practical steps that owners of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and small indoor pets can take to help their furry friends to cope. However, there’s one piece of advice which is routinely handed out every year, particularly to dog owners, that’s now in dispute – that humans should not make a fuss of a worried and anxious canine. Animal behaviour experts at rehoming charity Dogs Trust are challenging this, stating: "In the past, advice has sometimes been to ignore dogs and not give them a fuss if t.. [More] petremedycalmsdog.jpg
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02 NOV 2018
Why Use Incubators For Wildlife Care
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Incubators are a vital component in caring for neonatal mammals, hatchling birds and other orphaned wildlife. Most young animals need supplemental heat in order to survive, especially babies that have no fur yet and their eyes are still closed. Incubators are useful in situations where animals are unable to adequately control their own body temperature, such as in neonates (new born animals) and when injured and diseased.   In some cases, incubators can also be used to control the humidity (moisture content) of the animal’s environment, provide animals with increased levels of oxygen and allow nebulization. Where wild animals are sick or injured, incubators can only be of benefit alongside veterinary care. For abandoned baby squirrels for example, an incubator to keep them warm can be the difference between life and death – just one incubator can save the lives of hundreds of animals.   How To Choose An Incubator? Incubators are slowly becoming ava.. [More] squirrelincubatorsforwildlife.jpg
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16 SEP 2018
Rabbits In The Home
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There are cat people and there are dog people – there are also rabbit people who open up their homes for free ranging bunnies to enjoy their life as house pets. As rabbits are clever, clean creatures who can be litter-trained, why not have bunnies as part of the family?                 Having indoor rabbits means bunny-proofing your home. These chewy little pets will get their teeth into anything they can – furniture, curtains, electric cables, slippers, plants and practically anything else. So, when you’re not able to keep a very close eye on them, they’ll need to have a safe area to spend time in that’s equipped with cosy beds, hiding places, litter tray, safe toys to chew and plenty of good quality feeding hay to nibble on. To coax your rabbits into their safe space, try some irresistible treats such as Excel Blueberry Bakes, which are perfect for hand feeding. Meeting The Nutritional Challenge When .. [More] indoorrabbitexcel2.jpg
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16 SEP 2018
How To Handle Your Rabbits
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Unless they’ve got used to it from a very young age, some rabbits really don’t enjoy being handled and may wriggle, kick out and even give you a nip when you try to pick them up. Others, who have gained confidence and trust in their human, will happily hop along to ask for some fuss and attention. Getting your bunnies used to being gently handled is really worthwhile, as it makes life much easier and less stressful for them when it comes to essential bunny welfare activities, such as grooming or visits to the vet.   What Not To Do However, it’s really important that rabbits are handled correctly. Not following bunny best practice can be extremely harmful, causing your pets anxiety, distress and injury. With their fragile spines, rabbits who feel insecure and struggle when held can be seriously, even fatally, damaged. New research from the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science underpins this, revealing that the way a rabbit is handled is likely to hav.. [More] girlholdsrabbit2.jpg
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05 AUG 2018
Playing Games With Cats Of All Ages
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Like all baby animals, kittens love to play. As well as being lots of fun, play teaches young cats about the world around them, aids their physical development and hones their fabulous feline skills. As cats get older, play is a great way to keep fit, lean and healthy, as well as keeping their brain alert and active – something that remains important for the whole of their life.   For cats, the best games are those that make the most of their natural repertoire of behaviours – stalking, pouncing, chasing and batting objects with a paw, exploring, climbing, jumping and patrolling. These ‘hunting’ skills, replicated by pursuing or swiping at a toy, release feel-good hormones called endorphins, which boost feline feelings of wellbeing. PLAYTIME TIP: Teach your kitten good manners and discourage them from scratching, clawing or biting. This may be fine when they’re little, but as those ‘weapons’ become larger, it can cause damage and.. [More] catwithtoy.jpg
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05 AUG 2018
Why Sniffing Is Important To Dogs?
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With busy lives, daily dog walks can sometimes become a routine march, with no time for an olfactory detour. However, not letting your FBFF (furry best friend forever) stop for a sniff or two means the walk will most definitely lack the wow factor – for your dog at least. This is because smelling stuff is a really important part of being a dog.   Sniffing for dogs is an activity like no other. Quite simply, dogs are born to sniff – it’s how they interpret the world around them and doing it makes them feel good. Canine charity Dogs for Good in UK, which trains assistance dogs to support adults and children with disabilities and autism, states: “Allowing a dog to sniff on a walk means it does take you longer, but the dog is taking in more information from the environment. Using their nose on familiar routes is also important, investigating who has passed through that area. All this information the dog is gathering could add to feelings of familiarity a.. [More] dogsniffing.jpg
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29 JUL 2018
Pet Remedy For Anxious & Stressed Pets
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Pet Remedy is now available in South Africa at speciality pet retailers and veterinary clinics. It is perfect for calming stressed pets. It works alongside your pet's brain’s natural ‘messengers’ called neurotransmitters, which work by telling the nerve receiving the message either to calm (via GABA pathway) or get ‘fired up’. In times of stress or anxiety the nerves get over stimulated, which leads on to the many different signs of stress we see in our pets.   The special Pet Remedy blend of essential oils is valerian based and works alongside these natural relaxation pathways to help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets. Always consult your vet if your pet shows signs of stress or you observe any behavioural changes. Suitable for all mammals, birds, & reptiles; including cats, dogs rabbits, rodents, horses, and parrots… Starts to help immediately Helps calm your pet without sedating Helps stressed pets bec.. [More] petremedysouthafrica.jpg
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21 JUL 2018
Dainichi Cichlid Food Coming To South Africa
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Pet Habitat is pleased to annouce that Danichi range of formulated diets for Cichlids will soon be available in South Africa. Dainichi formulas contain calcium montmorillonite clay which contains more than 60 mineral compounds and has been proven to be immensely helpful in enhancing digestion and growth, as well as neutralizing metabolic toxins. In an artificial environment such as a fish tank,  the clay helps return minerals to the water and stabilizes its chemical make-up.In this way, the water more closely resembles your cichlid's natural habitat.   What's Special About Dainichi Food ... Using our exclusive process, our food is encapsulated with our exclusive vitamin and mineral coating after the cooking phase thus ensuring that heat sensitive ingredients are absorbed into the pellet without being exposed to heat, thereby retaining their potency. Why is this so important? Fish nutritionists have proven that the fish's immune system lacks long term m.. [More] dainichicichlidfoods.jpg
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20 JUL 2018
Cermedia Launches MarinePure GEMS
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Cermedia has been receiving many requests for a MarinePure media designed to work in smaller aquariums. Just this month, Cermedia made an announcement to us that they are meeting this demand with a new product called, MarinePure GEMS.   Made with the same formula as their popular 1.5” SPHERES, the GEMs are approximately ¾” in diameter. GEMs will be packaged in attractive hexagonal shaped boxes containing 90 grams of media. We think the product shape and box shape look pretty cool and will stand out on aquarium store shelves. Each box contains more than 1,450 square feet (135 square meters) of accessible surface area. MarinePure GEMS are the perfect size for canister filters, hang on the back filters or nano-tank filter systems. This amount of media is good for systems up to 70 gallons (260 litres) in size. They will be the perfect solution for ammonia and nitrite elimination and most users will also see better control of nitrates with the use of this.. [More] marinepuregemsmedia.jpg
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13 JUL 2018
Muesli Is Biggest Killer of Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
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It is really astonishing that there are many rabbit and guinea pig owners in South Africa that are not aware about the importance of hay. Maybe this is because many of our local pet stores and grocery shops dedicate their shelves to commercial muesli diets, but offer little space for quality feeding hay products. Unfortunately, muesli diets have long been regarded as rabbit and guinea pig food at certain pet stores and supermarkets. However, nothing could be further from the truth.   In 2013, a scientific study revealed by Professor Anne Meredith from University of Edinburgh highlighted the dangers of muesli diets. When this news came out, hundreds of pet stores across the world removed rabbit and guinea pig muesli from their shelves. Muesli is severely detrimental to a rabbit, guinea pig and chinchilla’s health. Not only is it difficult to digest, it is also unsuitable for oral hygiene. And those are two areas of well being that our pets are ill advised to compromi.. [More] guineapigslovelongstemhay2.jpg
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