12 JAN 2019
Deltec Launches New Protein Skimmers
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Protein Skimmers are a general name within the marine hobby for pieces of equipment that are designed to remove waste materials and proteins from the water column by a process called foam fractionation. In general terms a protein skimmer works by introducing high levels of air bubbles through a body of water containing waste materials. The waste and proteins are attracted to the air water interface and flow upwards with the surface where they can be collected. The larger the volume of air and the smaller the bubbles then the more surface area that is available to attract the proteins and the more efficient the skimmer.   There are two philosophies regarding the control of waste in a marine aquarium. One is to is to have an average performing protein skimmer to take out some of the protein but also have a large amount of biological filtration to deal with the resulting breakdown from the remainder. This type of system will normally lead to a trend for rising nitrate levels and .. [More] deltecnewproteinskimmers2019.jpg
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11 JAN 2019
Upgrade To Trigger Systems Sumps
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Pet Habitat is super excited to showcase all the cool new Trigger Systems sumps we introducing to South Africa in 2019. Trigger Systems sumps are built in the USA in Dallas, Texas. The baffling and design of these sumps is obviously a product of experience and the attention to detail is exquisite. Trigger Systems sumps combine function, efficiency, and visual appeal into robust and high quality filtration systems that are hand-crafted in the U.S.A. All Trigger Systems sumps are fabricated with rounded, flame-polished acrylic, including a full top support brace that adds sturdiness and durability. Equipped with locking sock holders, protein skimmer chamber, dedicated refugium section, and a return pump section all separated by baffles specifically designed to eliminate mirco bubbles. There are various models to choose from such as the Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Aquamarine Triton. What are the differences? Which one should you go with? With 5 different product lines (Crystal, R.. [More] sumplifestyle.JPG
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02 JAN 2019
Beware Of Fake MarinePure In South Africa
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Fake MarinePure has now hit the South African aquarium market. A local online website specializing in marine aquatics describes the counterfeit product, renamed bacteria balls, to offer the following benefits: Designed for Ammonia and Nitrite Removal Primarily designed to provide deep anaerobic zones for de-nitrification in passive systems. Live rock substitute-popular among reef hobbyists as a substitute for live rock because it reduces nitrates more efficiently without harming the environment. Use in sumps, stacked in extra-large filters. Perfect for in-sump use to cultivate Bacteria This product description was copied word for word from MarinePure website. The photo for the product is a photo of genuine MarinePure product.   Over the past few years this has been a huge problem for CerMedia LLC the manufacturer of MarinePure in USA, because these fake MarinePure lookalike media that originate from China have appeared in Australia, UK, USA and many othe.. [More] fakemarinepure.jpg
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01 JAN 2019
How PolyFilter Purifies Aquarium Water?
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Polyfilter pads are great for purifying your aquarium water. More importantly, they are a unique and helpful tool to let you know what is in your water. Formulated with of a special patented material that is bonded to a synthetic matrix, Poly Filters provide a high amount of surface area for filtration.   It absorbs and adsorbs a variety of contaminants and toxins along with dissolved organic waste. They are safe for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums and will not interfere with biological processes in your aquarium. Similar to carbon, polyfilter works great to remove medications and other contaminates to keep your water clean and clear.                           The filter should be placed into your filter in such a way that minimizes water bypass to achieve maximum water flow through the filter pad. The most unique part about Polyfilter pads is that they change colours depending on what type of.. [More] polyfilters2.JPG
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22 DEC 2018
New Self Repair LED Aquarium Lamps
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Over the past few years, light emitting diodes (LED) have rapidly been replacing fluorescent tubes in the aquarium market. LED lighting have the advantage of providing aquariums with perfect lighting conditions, whilst consuming far less energy than conventional light sources. In addition the lifespan of LED lamps is several times longer than fluorescent lamps. This is a huge saving because there is no need for frequent replacement.   However all LED aquarium lamps have the same problem that over time, some of the diodes will die. Aquael the leading manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures for aquariums, have developed a new and innovative self-repair technology system to provide an effective solution to this problem. In Aquael’s SUNNY version of LED lamps, if a diode stops working, its functions are taken over by the adjacent diodes, which start emitting light with increased power. Thanks to this unique and innovation technology, even after the failure of individual L.. [More] leddyslimlamp2.jpg
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22 DEC 2018
Choosing Cat Litter In South Africa
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Choosing the best cat litter for your cat in South Africa can be a difficult choice simply because there are so many options available. The most common types include clay (clumping and non-clumping), crystals, paper, wood, corn, wheat and soy.    The best way to avoid litter box issues is to find the right cat litter box and cat litter that will keep your cat happy and comfortable. Each variety has its own benefits, so you can choose one based on your preference and your cat’s preference. Non-Clumping Cat Litter Some of the first commercially available cat litters were of the non-clumping type. Why? Non-clumping cat litter is good at removing odors associated with cat urine because it has the ability to absorb relatively large volumes of urine. While there are non-scented litters available, some non-clumping litters also have additional additives, such as baking soda or charcoal, which are designed to help control unpleasant odours. As the litter become.. [More] kittencateco.jpg
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02 DEC 2018
What Is Best Hay For Rabbits In South Africa
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Rabbit owners are delightful people. You know that they are rarely loud and obnoxious (their rabbits would never stand for it); they have plenty of patience (because getting to know a rabbit takes time); and you can be certain that they are full of love and laughter (because that is exactly what rabbits inspire).   So, if you have gotten yourself a pet rabbit, welcome to the club. Your new baby bunny is sure to hop his way into your heart (or thump, depending on how stubborn you are about it). Rabbits are truly easy to love, as long as you give them just a few basics. Bunnies of all ages can be skittish, so avoid loud noises when you can. They also love to keep their feet on the ground, so be prepared to build ramps up to the couch. And, above all, rabbits have a specific diet, which undoubtedly should not be altered as it will affect the health and happiness of your pet. Rabbits (and other small furries, including chinchillas and guinea pigs) are fibrevores. They are not.. [More] rabbitsinhome1.JPG
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01 DEC 2018
How To Prevent Cat Litter Box Smell
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Nobody enjoys cleaning their cat’s litter box—but this chore is extremely important for helping reduce the chances of your healthy cat contracting a disease. Not only will eliminating waste buildup in your cat’s litter box prevent a sick cat, but it will keep you from being exposed to potential diseases as well.   But doing the minimal scooping might not be enough. If you don’t clean the litter box properly, you can end up with a sick cat, as well as put yourself at risk for contracting certain diseases. When caring for cats it is imperative to take specific precautions to avoid any health-related issues that may arise from incorrect cleaning methods. If you are just starting out with a litter box, or need a refresher course, here are some tips to make sure your cat litter box cleaning processes are safe for your healthy cat. The Center for Disease Control recommends you wear gloves while cleaning your cat’s litter box, and to thoroughly wash.. [More] catecolitterorangekittens3.jpg
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10 NOV 2018
Helping Your Pets Cope With Fireworks
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According to Dogs Trust, the advice on how to help pets cope with fireworks has been wrong for years. So, what should we do to help worried and anxious pets? For pet owners, the beginning of November and New Year's Eve can mean stressful times ahead. For a week or more, the prospect of unexpected bangs and flashes that terrify dogs, cats and small furries is a seasonal challenge that many pet owners dread.    There are, of course, lots of practical steps that owners of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and small indoor pets can take to help their furry friends to cope. However, there’s one piece of advice which is routinely handed out every year, particularly to dog owners, that’s now in dispute – that humans should not make a fuss of a worried and anxious canine. Animal behaviour experts at rehoming charity Dogs Trust are challenging this, stating: "In the past, advice has sometimes been to ignore dogs and not give them a fuss if t.. [More] petremedycalmsdog.jpg
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02 NOV 2018
Why Use Incubators For Wildlife Care
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Incubators are a vital component in caring for neonatal mammals, hatchling birds and other orphaned wildlife. Most young animals need supplemental heat in order to survive, especially babies that have no fur yet and their eyes are still closed. Incubators are useful in situations where animals are unable to adequately control their own body temperature, such as in neonates (new born animals) and when injured and diseased.   In some cases, incubators can also be used to control the humidity (moisture content) of the animal’s environment, provide animals with increased levels of oxygen and allow nebulization. Where wild animals are sick or injured, incubators can only be of benefit alongside veterinary care. For abandoned baby squirrels for example, an incubator to keep them warm can be the difference between life and death – just one incubator can save the lives of hundreds of animals.   How To Choose An Incubator? Incubators are slowly becoming ava.. [More] squirrelincubatorsforwildlife.jpg
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