22 AUG 2019
World's First Smart Aquarium Lamp
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Do you know what the term “Internet of things” means? It is a concept according to which clearly identifiable objects can directly or indirectly collect, process or exchange data by means of the KNX smart electrical installation or a computer network. It also includes the increasingly popular solution for controlling and steering individual devices using mobile phone applications.    AQUAEL, keeping abreast of the times, introduces the world’s first aquarium lamp meeting these requirements, called the LEDDY SLIM LINK. LEDDY SLIM LINK is a remotely controlled, universal LED lamp designed to illuminate open freshwater and marine aquariums. Fixed on the side edges of the tank panes, it constitutes an elegant alternative to the classic aquarium lid. Its use allows for obtaining a unique decorative effect. Ideal for all types of aquariums. The free Aquael Aqu@rium application installed on your smartphone enables you to control the operation and parame.. [More] LeddylinkWiFi.png
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05 AUG 2019
What Is A Natural Aquarium?
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So-called natural aquariums, also known as Japanese aquariums or Amano style aquariums, are all the rage in modern aquaristics. The father of this concept, late Takashi Amano (1954-2015), was a Japanese nature photographer and aquaristics enthusiast.   When taking pictures of natural landscapes, such as the Amazon forest or the steppes, he wanted to try to transfer these behind the glass walls of the aquarium. Using natural decorations such as rocks, wood and roots as well as living plants, he began to create underwater forests, meadows and other landscapes. This trend was quickly adopted by many followers and enthusiasts all over the world. Takashi Amano developed several basic styles of natural aquaristics. These include: - ryuboku – an underwater forest. Using roots, wood and plants (mainly the so-called „epiphytes”), an image reminiscent of the primeval pristine forest flooded with water is reconstructed in the aquarium; - mizube – a kind.. [More] aquaeltank60cm.png
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07 FEB 2019
Easy Life Products Now In South Africa
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As most aquascapers and reefers know it is important to have good and healthy plant and coral growth in a tropical or marine aquarium. Since 1998, Easy Life in the Netherlands has produced high quality aquarium and pond products that distinguish themselves in the market. Their university-educated specialists have years of experience in keeping aquariums and, as a result, combined their practical experience and knowledge to produce many innovative products.   Thanks to the excellent reputation of Easy-Life and the excellent effects of its products, the products are now available in more than 40 countries, including South Africa mostly due to word-of-mouth advertising. The products are now no longer only used by hobbyists, but also by retail traders, wholesalers, zoos and importers and exporters of fish and corals. All Easy-Life bottles come with measuring caps making dosing very easy. Water Treatment Products Easy-Life Filter Medium is the most versatile water treatmen.. [More] easylifeaquariumproducts.jpg
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20 MAY 2018
Choosing Aquarium For Aquascape
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Ranging from R1600 for the Aquael Shrimpet Smart 10 aquarium set to R13 0000 for the Aquael Glossy 120 with cabinet, there is an aquascaping solution to fit all budgets. Smaller aquariums cost less to aquascape and have smaller running costs. Larger aquariums have greater environmental stability, bigger livestock options and capacity.   Bigger tanks will usually take longer to maintain. Water changes, large surfaces of glass to clean and lots of plants to trim can be time consuming. Smaller tanks can be water changed, cleaned and trimmed in less than 30 minutes but the largest aquariums will often take several hours. Consider where you want to be viewing the aquarium from and where is practical. For example lifting an Aquael Leddy 60 up a flight of stairs is significantly easier than an Aquael Leddy 75. Also consider ambient light and traffic. Excess daylight can lead to algae issues and sudden movement near an open top tank can risk jumping fish. You may have the spac.. [More] glossyaquascape2.JPG
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22 JAN 2017
Best Aquarium Substrate For Plants
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Planted tank substrates are key to the success for any planted aquarium or aquascape. Aquatic plants are just like garden plants. They have a complex root system that aids in their uptake of necessary nutrients. These include Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Nitrogen and many others. These nutrients play a key role in the coloration, health and growth rate of the plants in the aquarium. Nutrient rich substrates can even combat algae growth by allowing your plants to overtake the growth rate of pest plants, uptaking excess nitrates and starving algae spores. The H.E.L.P. ADVANCED SOIL brand of substrates is now available in South Africa. This is the Ultimate Soil Advanced soil is 100% natural substrate that was developed for anyone who wishes to grow aquatic lives easily. Advanced soil quickly drops the water pH & KH, creating as close to nature environment in an aquarium. This allows you to have fish in an aquarium on the very day you set Advanced soil. .. [More] aquariumsubstrate.jpg
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05 APR 2015
Aquael Launches Pearl High Aquariums
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Most aquarium sets are not very tall. The new AQUAEL PEARL HIGH aquarium sets due for release in South Africa around end of June 2015 are completely different. The 40 cm wide model is not 25 cm but 40 cm tall, and the 60 cm width model – 50 cm tall (instead of the standard 30 cm). This modification means that PEARL HIGH aquarium sets offer exceptional decorative value to all types of interiors. Because the tank is taller, it also increases its capacity. The PEARL HIGH 60 flat set is 90l. This means it can hold more fish that a classic 60cm set. PEARL HIGH sets are lit with modern energy saving LEDDY TUBE 6 W SUNNY modules. The 40 cm sets have one module whilst the 60 cm sets have two. Filtration is provided by an efficient internal filter (PEARL HIGH 40) or three stage biological/mechanical overflow filter installed in the cover (PEARL HIGH 60). The sets are also equipped with an automatic heater which ensures optimal temperature conditions. .. [More] pearlhighblog.jpg
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30 NOV 2014
Starting Your First Planted Aquarium
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Setting up a planted aquarium may seem like a big task to start with which may put some people off, but you can make a basic planted tank very easily and the extra maintenance is worth it for a beautiful and more natural aquarium. For a basic tank, we will start with a low-tech aquarium such as Aquael Shrimpset and Brillux tanks – leaving out CO2. This will mean that your planted aquarium will take longer to grow and you may not be able to grow certain plants, but is much easier for a beginner. You do not have to do any water testing or changes, do not have to prune your plants as much and algae growth is much slower. If you are happy to put up with a bit more hassle and want your tank to grow quicker, then we would recommend including CO2 in your planted aquarium set-up. There are a few steps you must follow to get started with your planted aquarium. It may be worth having a rough vision of what you would like to achieve before you start to make sure you get t.. [More] plantedtank1.jpg
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18 AUG 2014
New Aquael Products At Interzoo 2014
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This year, AQUAEL celebrated its 30th anniversary at INTERZOO 2014, which was held in Nuremberg, Germany between May 29th and June 1st, where they presented their latest innovative new products. Visitors were shown the new OXYBOOST PLUS aerators that are even quieter and more reliable than their predecessors; the tiny FZN MINI internal filters specially designed for small aquariums; the exclusive GLOSSY aquarium sets that combine unmatched stylishness with high functionality (e.g. one can easily install additional lighting units in the tank); and the power-saving LEDDY SMART aquarium sets. Great interest was also aroused by product modifications: the upgraded line of the SHRIMP SET SMART aquarium sets designed for shrimps and small fish and equipped with the energy-efficient LEDDY SMART lamp based on LED technology and the large REEFMAX XL marine aquarium set with LED lighting built into the lid. Three new nano aquariums called SHRIMP SET SMART, equipped.. [More] AQUAEL INTERZOO 2014 new products.jpg
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15 AUG 2014
Aquascaping With Small Nano Tanks
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Tiny aquatic gardens are all the rage; perfect for the aquarist with limited space, or for those who simply enjoy the aesthetic of a scale-model planted layout, with all the benefits and challenges that come with it. Most people get started in the hobby with the typical 30 or 72 litre tank because these sizes are widely available as inexpensive starter kits. Those who get hooked on the hobby quickly find that this not enough, and the desire for a bigger tank sets in. For some a 112 litre tank may be enough, while others lust after a 240 or even 375 litre tank. Big tanks can be a lot of fun, and larger systems are often more stable than small ones, but big tanks are also a lot of work and are more expensive to set up, stock, and maintain. Whatever the reason, in recent years, nano tanks have become a popular alternative to explore the hobby in greater depth, particularly for those of us interested in aquatic gardening. What’s a Nano Tank, and Why B.. [More] shrimpset_nano_aquascape.jpg
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23 MAY 2014
Aquascaping For Beginners
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So you’re new to the art of aquascaping and want to delve deeper into this beautiful new world, but have no idea where to start. It can be very intimidating and confusing for someone who knows nothing about how to keep fish. There’s a lot to think about, more than you expect and the biggest advice to anyone starting out would be to do your research first before rushing into any decision making.   When thinking about your setup, the choices you make in certain areas will influence what choices you should be making in others. For example, certain types of fish will require a certain size tank to give them the freedom they need. If you plan on keeping live plants too, this will effect what substrate you choose. Your choice of plants may depend on whether the fish you’ve chosen are shy and need shelter under larger leaves. Depending on what plants you’ve chosen, you may need strong lighting and so on. Balance is the key and it may take awhile before .. [More] Aquascaping for beginners.jpg
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