30 MAY 2015
Why do chinchillas take dust baths?
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As a chinchilla owner, it’s common knowledge that your playful pets need to be treated to a dust bath to keep their fur in tip top condition. So why do chinchillas need dust baths? The natural habitat of a chinchilla is in the Andes Mountains. In the wild, volcanic ash gets into Chinchilla’s fur and absorbs all the oil and dirt. This process keeps their fur thick and soft. Dust baths for domesticated chinchillas are our way of replicating this natural behaviour. Everyone who has felt the fur of these pets knows that their coat is luxurious and soft. Chinchillas have around 60 hairs to each hair follicle, meaning that their fur is very dense. Due to this fact it is important that a chinchilla is never bathed in water. The thickness of the fur means that a wet chinchilla cannot air-dry, and having damp skin can cause fur rot or other health problems. How often should they have a dust bath? Regular dust baths are a necessity for your chinchill.. [More] chinchilladustbath1.jpg
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28 MAY 2015
Choosing The Right Hamster
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There are several different types of hamster.  In South Africa, there are generally two types of hamsters available for adoption, these being Syrian and Dwarf hamsters. Here are some differences between these breeds: Syrian Hamsters – These animals are the larger of the hamsters you will find. They’re both inquisitive and gentle, and because of their slightly larger size, make a better option for smaller children. Syrian hamsters usually reach over six inches (15 cm) in length and live up to three years. Syrian hamsters however tend to prefer life alone in their home. Dwarf Hamsters (Russian, Chinese and Roborovski breeds)– With an average length of four inches (10 cm), these are some of the smallest pets you can get. They don’t usually live as long, often between one-and-a-half to two years, but they are busy during their short lives. Being smaller, they do tend to squirm out of your hand easily. They are typically a.. [More] hamsterclimb.jpg
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28 MAY 2015
How To Create The Right Rabbit Home
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What type of home does your rabbit need? Rabbits love a warm and snuggly hutch to sleep in, but that’s just their bedroom. It should never be the extent of their home. Rabbits need to run and hop far more than you could imagine. In the wild, they graze and move over an extensive territory of hundreds of square metres. The ideal home for your pet rabbit consists of one house for every rabbit in your group plus one that all your rabbits can sleep in together. These should be attached to a central area where they are fed and do most of their eating. They also need a run that’s a few meters square and tall enough that even the tallest rabbit can sit on his hind quarters and not touch the top with his ears. Taller and bigger is always better, and your rabbits must have constant access to the run. What else does your rabbit want in a home? Whilst housing may be the biggest concern in creating the perfect environment for your pet rabbits, it’s not .. [More] rabbithome.jpg
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