25 MAY 2017
Create An Ideal Home For Your Hamster
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According to a study published in Royal Society Open Science, the type of accommodation you provide your hamster has a big impact on their wellbeing. Researchers from Liverpool John Moores University tested 30 hamsters to determine if enriching their environment – by adding toys and bedding to their cages – would change the decisions they made when faced with an uncertain choice.   What they found was that hamsters with extra toys and cosier bedding such as Carefresh were more likely to make optimistic decisions than those with fewer luxuries – such as being willing to try out different drink bottles to see if the water was especially tasty. Less optimistic hamsters were more reluctant to try new things. Scientists see optimistic judgements as an indicator of positive wellbeing in humans, so using the same methodology to indicate wellbeing in hamsters makes sense. After all, it’s the closest we humans can get to determining if our hamster is hap.. [More] hamsterbeddingpaper.jpg
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