25 SEP 2017
Rabbits Eating Carrots & Other Bunny Myths
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Perhaps it’s Bugs Bunny’s fault that we associate carrots as being the perfect food for our rabbits. In every cartoon, Bugs totes a bright orange carrot as he utters his catchphrase – ‘what’s up doc?’. In fact, rabbits don’t naturally eat root vegetables and too many carrots could lead to a visit to the bunny doctor. So, what other foods should bunny owners avoid giving to their pets?   LETTUCE – Some types of lettuce, such as iceberg, contain lactucarium, which can be harmful to rabbits in large quantities. Light-coloured lettuce varieties are high in water and have very little nutritional value and will probably just give your rabbits the runs. CHARD – It’s a leafy green but not one that rabbits can tolerate, causing colic and bloating. FRUIT – Rabbits don’t naturally eat fruit, which is high in sugar, so it shouldn’t be a regular part of their diet. Avocado, which might seem like the perfe.. [More] rabbitseatingleaves.jpg
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17 SEP 2017
Dog Owners: Toxic Garden Plants to Avoid
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Dogs love to explore using their keen sense of smell and taste. Usually, a dog will be able to smell a poisonous plant but this isn’t always the case. Some plants can appear ripe and good to eat, but contain unusually high levels of toxicity. This includes commonly found produce such as the acorn from an English oak tree. When out for a walk, you can keep your dog on a short leash to control what plants they go near, but did you know there may be toxic plants in your own backyard? Here are the most common ones to avoid.   Yellow Jasmine Gelsemium sempervirens, more commonly known as yellow jasmine, looks great in any garden. It is similar to vines due to the way it climbs up buildings. The yellow colour is designed to stand out and be attractive and the scent can create a fragrant and fresh smelling garden as it is spread by light winds.    All of this can make it attractive to dogs, who may innocently chew at the plant. However, i.. [More] dogsick.jpg
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