10 NOV 2018
Helping Your Pets Cope With Fireworks
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According to Dogs Trust, the advice on how to help pets cope with fireworks has been wrong for years. So, what should we do to help worried and anxious pets? For pet owners, the beginning of November and New Year's Eve can mean stressful times ahead. For a week or more, the prospect of unexpected bangs and flashes that terrify dogs, cats and small furries is a seasonal challenge that many pet owners dread.    There are, of course, lots of practical steps that owners of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and small indoor pets can take to help their furry friends to cope. However, there’s one piece of advice which is routinely handed out every year, particularly to dog owners, that’s now in dispute – that humans should not make a fuss of a worried and anxious canine. Animal behaviour experts at rehoming charity Dogs Trust are challenging this, stating: "In the past, advice has sometimes been to ignore dogs and not give them a fuss if t.. [More] petremedycalmsdog.jpg
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02 NOV 2018
Why Use Incubators For Wildlife Care
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Incubators are a vital component in caring for neonatal mammals, hatchling birds and other orphaned wildlife. Most young animals need supplemental heat in order to survive, especially babies that have no fur yet and their eyes are still closed. Incubators are useful in situations where animals are unable to adequately control their own body temperature, such as in neonates (new born animals) and when injured and diseased.   In some cases, incubators can also be used to control the humidity (moisture content) of the animal’s environment, provide animals with increased levels of oxygen and allow nebulization. Where wild animals are sick or injured, incubators can only be of benefit alongside veterinary care. For abandoned baby squirrels for example, an incubator to keep them warm can be the difference between life and death – just one incubator can save the lives of hundreds of animals.   How To Choose An Incubator? Incubators are slowly becoming ava.. [More] squirrelincubatorsforwildlife.jpg
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