16 SEP 2018
Rabbits In The Home
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There are cat people and there are dog people – there are also rabbit people who open up their homes for free ranging bunnies to enjoy their life as house pets. As rabbits are clever, clean creatures who can be litter-trained, why not have bunnies as part of the family?                 Having indoor rabbits means bunny-proofing your home. These chewy little pets will get their teeth into anything they can – furniture, curtains, electric cables, slippers, plants and practically anything else. So, when you’re not able to keep a very close eye on them, they’ll need to have a safe area to spend time in that’s equipped with cosy beds, hiding places, litter tray, safe toys to chew and plenty of good quality feeding hay to nibble on. To coax your rabbits into their safe space, try some irresistible treats such as Excel Blueberry Bakes, which are perfect for hand feeding. Meeting The Nutritional Challenge When .. [More] indoorrabbitexcel2.jpg
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16 SEP 2018
How To Handle Your Rabbits
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Unless they’ve got used to it from a very young age, some rabbits really don’t enjoy being handled and may wriggle, kick out and even give you a nip when you try to pick them up. Others, who have gained confidence and trust in their human, will happily hop along to ask for some fuss and attention. Getting your bunnies used to being gently handled is really worthwhile, as it makes life much easier and less stressful for them when it comes to essential bunny welfare activities, such as grooming or visits to the vet.   What Not To Do However, it’s really important that rabbits are handled correctly. Not following bunny best practice can be extremely harmful, causing your pets anxiety, distress and injury. With their fragile spines, rabbits who feel insecure and struggle when held can be seriously, even fatally, damaged. New research from the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science underpins this, revealing that the way a rabbit is handled is likely to hav.. [More] girlholdsrabbit2.jpg
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