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Filter media has never been so exciting! The Kaldnes 'K' series of media has been around for well over two decades, and it is widely used in aquaculture as the basis of the highly efficient biofilters required for heavily-stocked syste.. [More]
The Evolution Aqua Nexus is considered as one of the most state-of-the-art pond filtration systems that is readily available in the industry today and has since created quite the hype amongst both hobbyists and professional pond owners. &nbs.. [More]

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Evolution Aqua evoFeed Automatic
List Price : R5,328.00
Price : R4,795.00
evoFeed Automatic is an automatic fish feeder suitable for medium and large ponds. The unit can be programmed to dispense food into the pond at timed intervals throughout the day. The distance the food is propelled, and the amount of time it is dispensed for, are also adjustable. Powered via its own built-in, rechargeable battery. Designed to use pellets from 3-10 mm diameter.
Evolution Aqua Nexus EazyPod Air
List Price : R24,438.00
Price : R21,995.00
EazyPodAir is a mechanical and biological filter system for ponds up to 10,000 litres. It utilises static K1 Micro, which provides enhanced biological benefits, even when using the EazyPodAir solely as a mechanical waste filter. Water enters via the inlet and flows around the outer chamber, passing through the stainless steel grill causing many of the larger solids to be filtered out. The connected air pump is used during the cleaning cycle to agitate the K1 Micro to free up any debris and waste
Evolution Aqua EazyPod UV Automatic
List Price : R33,326.00
Price : R29,995.00
Tired of cleaning your pond filter? Fed-up with washing filter brushes and squeezing filter sponges over and over again, in all weathers? The EazyPod Automatic is the solution. The EazyPod Automatic is a self-cleaning, mechanical and biological filter system for garden ponds up to 10,000 litres. The integrated control box contains an adjustable timer which initiates a cleaning cycle automatically - meaning your filter will clean itself even when you’re not there!
Evolution Aqua Nexus 320 Koi Pond Filter
List Price : R55,547.00
Price : R49,995.00
Nexus 320 filtration systems deliver dramatically improved levels of clarity for ponds. This award winning Nexus range of filters cleverly combine mechanical and biological filtration into one advanced filter system, whilst being incredibly easy to clean and simple to install. The Nexus 320 feature a re-designed Eazy filter which now utilizes the all new K1 Micro® Filter Media, in a static bed, to deliver improved levels of mechanical filtration. Suitable for ponds up to 34,000 litres.
Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve
List Price : R23,327.00
Price : R20,995.00
The Cetus sieve is a bow screen pre-filter, made using the latest rotational molding technology. With all of its benefits and build quality, it is undoubtedly the best of its kind on the market today, regarding quality and performance! It is designed to efficiently and effectively remove large amounts of mechanical waste from a pond. It can be set-up gravity OR pump fed and has many benefits over the original bow screen technology.
Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb
List Price : R556.00
Price : R500.00
PURE Pond Bomb is a fast acting, concentrated version of the Award Winning PURE POND. PURE Pond Bomb is ideal for use in Koi ponds, ornamental ponds, self contained water features or ponds which do not have conventional filtration, to achieve crystal clear, healthy water. A unique combination of friendly bacteria and enzymes, get to work as soon as the Bomb hits the water to clean up organic waste and break down the ammonia and nitrite, making your pond crystal clear.
Evolution Aqua Pure+ Filter Start Gel
List Price : R723.00
Price : R650.00
PURE+ Filter Start Gel is a live, concentrated bacteria culture for use in new pond filters. The gel based solution will stick to the filter media, allowing the nitrifying bacteria it contains to rapidly colonise your filter. Once the filter media has been coated with the PURE+ Filter Start Gel, the beneficial bacteria within the gel will speed up the maturation of your filter media, while helping to convert ammonia and nitrite, resulting in less stressed fish.
Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bacteria Balls
List Price : R378.00
Price : R340.00
Pure Pond are biodegradable balls, crammed full of live bacteria that are slowly released when they are needed most. With over 8,000,000,000 bacteria per litre of Pure Pond Balls, your pond will shine even more than normal, especially if you add them monthly into the K1 moving bed media, or into any other type of filter you may have. Pure Pond balls also contain natural enzymes which will help to breakdown organic waste, leaving your pond with healthier, crystal clear water.
Evolution Aqua EVO15 UV Clarifier
List Price : R3,328.00
Price : R2,995.00
evoUVs have been designed to clear green water which is caused by single celled green algae and prevent it from returning. evoUVs will work alongside many different filtration systems but when used alongside Evolution Aqua’s pond filtration systems, the evoUV will deliver crystal clear and healthy pond water. Maximum Size: 15,000 Litres. Maximum Flow Rate: 7500 Litres/hour
Evolution Aqua Varipump 10000
List Price : R7,111.00
Price : R6,400.00
Varipump by Evolution Aqua is a controllable pond pump, suitable for large ponds. Output and energy consumption can be controlled at the push of a button and the motor is quiet and reliable. Available in three sizes, Varipump is powerful enough to run the largest of ponds and filters, and in the most demanding of situations. Varipump is suitable for use in and out of a pond. Hosetail fittings included. Maximum Flow Rate: 10,000 Litres/hour
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