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NT Labs Marine Anti-Bacterial
List Price : R340.00
Price : R300.00
Treats: Ulcers, Fin-Rot, Mouth-Rot, White Spot, Oodinium. Certain species of bacteria such as Aeromonas and Pseudomonas cause fin, mouth and body tissue to be eaten away. Early diagnosis is essential to prevent the infection becoming fatal. Marine Anti-Bacterial is an effective medicine against these bacteria. It can also be used to treat marine White Spot (Cryptocaryon) in a reef aquarium. 100ml
NT Labs Marine Anti-Parasite
List Price : R340.00
Price : R300.00
Controls Parasites in Marine Aquariums. Treats Cryptocaryon, Oodinium and other protozoan parasites in a fish only system. Marine parasites such as White Spot (Cryptocaryon) and Velvet (Oodinium) can be devastating to fish in a marine aquarium. This medicine contains copper, which is lethal to many marine fish parasites. 100ml
NT Labs Aquarium Starter Kit
List Price : R210.00
Price : R185.00
This pack contains the two products needed to get your aquarium up and running and safe for fish. Tap Water Safe removes chlorine and other halogens, chloramine and heavy metals found in tap water which are toxic to fish. Filter Starter provides a live culture of "friendly" bacteria for your filter. These bacteria help breakdown fish waste and prevent the build up of toxic ammonia and nitrite. Adding to a new aquarium helps activate the filter.
NT Labs Aquarium Water Mini Test
List Price : R520.00
Price : R465.00
Suitable for freshwater aquariums. Aquarium Water Mini Test kit tests three water parameters: pH, nitrite (NO2) and ammonia (NH3). Full instructions are included to help ensure you carry out the tests correctly, and to help restore perfect water quality should a parameter be incorrect.
NT Labs Algae Gone
List Price : R210.00
Price : R185.00
Suitable for coldwater & tropical aquariums, clumps algae and other particles together allowing filter to strain them out. Green water/algae or cloudy water caused by over feeding and fish waste is unsightly and can be dangerous as it may alter the pH and oxygen levels in your aquarium. Algae Gone is a single dose plant friendly treatment that will clarify the green or cloudy water in your aquarium.
NT Labs Marine Lab Reef Multi Test Kit
List Price : R1,400.00
Price : R1,250.00
The NT Labs Marine Lab Reef Multi-test Kit comprises up to 145 tests of the 4 essential water tests for all reef aquariums, ie Carbonate Hardness, Magnesium, Calcium and Phosphate.
NT Labs Marine Lab Multi Test Kit
List Price : R1,050.00
Price : R940.00
The NT Labs Marine Lab Multi-test Kit comprises up to 155 tests of the 4 essential water tests for all marine aquariums, ie Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and pH.
NT Labs Aquarium Lab Multi Test
List Price : R1,150.00
Price : R1,000.00
The NT Labs Aquarium Lab Multi-test Kit comprises over 200 tests of the 6 key parameters to test in your aquarium. Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, GH and KH. All the tests are liquid drop tests from a dropper bottle so all the drops are the same size. All you have to do is add your aquarium water to the test tube and count the drops needed, simple.
NT Labs Aquarium Lab - Nitrite Test
List Price : R280.00
Price : R250.00
Any nitrite present in the aquarium will be very damaging to the health of the fish. Toxic nitrite can build up in aquariums where there are not sufficient beneficial filter bacteria to deal with the total waste from all the fish in the aquarium. This situation can commonly arise in new aquariums, when new fish are added, when the filter bacteria have been disrupted (e.g. during cleaning), or during accidental mis-dosing of aquarium medications.
NT Labs Aquarium Lab - Nitrate Test
List Price : R270.00
Price : R240.00
Nitrate is not toxic to aquarium fish, but excessively high levels can affect their reproduction. Nitrate is a plant nutrient. The more nitrate is present the greater the potential for plant growth. If insufficient plants are present then algae will begin to dominate in the aquarium. Aquariums with high levels of nitrate frequently have problems with algae and blanket weed.
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