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Rotastak Natro Starter Hamster Cage
List Price : R900.00
Price : R700.00
Suitable for hamsters and gerbils, the Rotastak Natro Brown Hamster Cage provides a hygienic and fun habitat for your pet. The spacious cage comes with a wheel and bottle to provide your pet with exercise and water. The plastic base ensures it is easy to clean and therefore more hygienic for your pet, and the high quality cage is designed to withstand gnawing teeth. 51 x 46 x 30cm (height)
Rotastak Genus 100 Hamster Cage
List Price : R1,700.00
Price : R1,275.00
Genus 100 Purple Hamster Cage is perfect for new hamster owners to give their new friend a healthy and fun living environment, with a classy purple or orange theme. It's safe, secure and easy to assemble. Rotastak allows you to build a complete and extendable world, by joining together various home extensions and accessories in any combination you choose, the system can grow with your imagination! Includes an attic bedroom, exercise wheel, water bottle and feeding bowl. 51 x 37 x 30cm (height)
Rotastak Genus 200 Hamster Cage
List Price : R2,000.00
Price : R1,500.00
Genus 200 Orange Cage is perfect for budding hamster owners to give their new pet a fun and healthy home, with a neat orange and blue colour scheme. Your hamster will just love scurrying back and forth from the shelf to the bottom of the cage through the brilliant side tubing on this Rotastak Genus 200 cage. It comes complete with a hideaway, shelf, corner climbing tube, side tubing, water bottle, food dish and exercise wheel. Fully connectable with all Rotastak homes. 51 x 46 x 30cm (height)
Rotastak Cosmo Pod Hamster Cage
List Price : R1,350.00
Price : R1,150.00
This Rotastak Cosmo Pod hamster cage is large enough for your pet to call home, but small enough to save you space. Let your hamster, gerbil or mouse relax in style by the water bottle on the mezzanine level or retire to his wood shavings for a nap below. This small pet cage combines a plastic cage that allow you to see what your fury friend is doing with a wire cage that lets him to climb, and anti-gnaw rings to help keep him active. 51 x 30 x 26cm (height)
Rotastak Space Station Hamster Cage
List Price : R2,200.00
Price : R1,600.00
Space Station makes a great main cage for your hamster. The plugged holes allow this cage to be used on its own, or you can attach other Rotastak cages and accessories (sold separately) to make up one giant habitat for your pet. The modules at the end of the cage are plastic to keep shavings and other mess inside the cage, great for keeping the surrounding area tidy, and the middle part has mesh bars for added ventilation. 74 x 28 x 30cm (height)
Rotastak Super Pod Hamster Cage
List Price : R2,000.00
Price : R1,500.00
The Rotastak Super Pod is the deluxe version of the Rotastak Cosmo Pod hamster cage, offering even more space and fun for your small pet. Hamsters, gerbils and mice will love running on the Rainbow Runner wheel, or climbing from the main floor up to the mezzanine level through the tube. This small animal cage comes with everything you need to make your pet at home, including water bottle, food dish and anti-gnaw rings. 61 x 30 x 26cm (height)
Rotastak Space Command Habitat
List Price : R3,400.00
Price : R2,600.00
The Rotastak Space Command Unit lets your hamster, gerbil or mouse blast off for adventure. This fantastic hamster cage includes a main living area, an attic bedroom and a watchtower to let him see 360 degrees. There’s a wheel to keep him in tip top shape for his important missions and water bottle and food dish. A long curvy tube connects the bottom level living area with the watchtower for an exciting shortcut from top to bottom. 47 x 51 x 53cm (height)
Rotastak Play Ball
List Price : R280.00
Price : R240.00
The Rotastak Small Animal Play Ball lets your small pet explore your home safely and securely. Simply open the hatch, place him inside and replace the hatch, then let him roll to his heart’s content. The play ball is made of sturdy plastic to keep your pet safe while he is on an adventure. It’s also a simple way to introduce your small pet to your other fury family members in a sheltered environment. Diametre:19cm
Rotastak Mission Pod Hamster Cage
List Price : R3,400.00
Price : R2,500.00
Houston we have fun! The Rotastak Mission Pod plastic hamster cage will keep you and your small pet entertained for hours on end. This Space fantasy-themed wire and plastic hamster cage features Amazing Curvy Tubing that runs ‘up and over’ the cage like a catwalk. Your small pet can see his house from up there! The tubes feature two spheres so your pet can change directions and turn around in the tubes. The main area features a platform, exercise wheel, 2 water bottles and wire wall section.
Rotastak Natro 200 Green
List Price : R2,000.00
Price : R1,500.00
The Rotastak Natro 200 Green Hamster Cage is perfect for budding hamster or gerbil owners to give their new pet a fun and healthy home, and is themed on a natural, wooded habitat. The spacious cage comes with accessories to provide your pet with exercise and food and water, including a platform with stairs as well as a wheel and water bottle, which clip easily on to frame. Dimensions: 51 x 46 x 30cm (height)
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