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The legacy of lockdowns means that more and more of us are working at home – and it’s something that looks set to become a regular arrangement for many people. While this new way of working suits most pet owners – who are lov.. [More]
Koi ponds and koi keeping are gaining popularity in South Africa. There are many different types of ponds, but the filtration system will always be vital to the health of the fish. If you are unsure where to start when it comes to understandin.. [More]
If you already own rabbits or guinea pigs, you know that feeding them is not always so straightforward. In the wild, their eating habits include grass, tree bark and twigs. Domestic rabbits and guinea pigs need a similar fibre-filled diet from.. [More]

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Pet Inn 200ml Water Bottle
List Price : R115.00
Price : R100.00
The new Pet Inn drinking bottle sets new standard of quality and functionality. It is equipped with a universal, convenient mounting system that fits most cages and is resistant to biting. Exceptionally strong and durable. Tip with double protection against dripping (contains two rollerballs). Is suitable for virtually all rodent/rabbit cages with any bar spacing. The tip of the bottle contains two rollerballs to provide effective protection against dripping.
Rotastak Water Bottle
List Price : R100.00
Price : R90.00
Brand new range of small animal water bottles, - in clear plastic in fantastic brightly coloured display trays. Clear plastic to easily see water levels - Instructions on bottle - Includes wire to attach to standard wire cages - Specially designed cap - Non-drip nozzle - Bright and colourful Display Trays
Sharples Deluxe Vege Sphere
List Price : R180.00
Price : R160.00
Veg 'e' Sphere is a brand new deluxe hanging food cage as part of the Small n' Furry range by Sharples 'n' Grant. An alternative and fun way to provide food for your small animal, it can easlily be filled and hung inside your pets cage or hutch.
Pet Inn Small Food Bowls
List Price : R90.00
Price : R70.00
Pet Inn feeders are made of high quality plastic, easy to clean and perfect for hamsters, guinea pigs and rats. Each pack includes 2 pieces. Thanks to its Italian design and perfect workmanship, the feeder is both practical and pleasing to eye. Made in Poland. (x2 bowls per pack).
Rotastak Water Bottle & Bung
List Price : R129.00
Price : R116.00
Rotastak water bottel bung and clip has been especially designed for use with any mouse, gerbil or hamster Rotastak Housing.
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