Who is Pet Habitat?

Pet Habitat is involved with the import, wholesale distribution, marketing and retail of advanced nutritional pet foods in South Africa and offers a complete selection of pet accessories of the finest quality for all your aquarium, bird and small animal needs.

We are committed to making the lives of pets better. We aim to do this by providing high quality homes such as hamster cages, bird cages, guinea pig cages, rabbit cages, chinchilla cages and fish aquariums, as well as great pet food that's good for your pet’s health as well as being deliciously tasty.

Pet Habitat represents some of the world’s finest pet manufacturers and is the exclusive distributor for brands such as Aquael, Burgess, Carefresh, Roudybush, Pet Inn, Rotastak, Comfy, MarinePure, Poly-Filter, and Sharples ‘n’ Grant.

Pet Habitat is focused on high quality, unique pet products that you will not find at your local grocery or pet store, but only through leading pet shops, veterinary clinics and aquarium specialists, so keep monitoring our dealer page.

Online Pet Store

We understand many South Africans are reluctant to buy online, so you can request your local pet store to order products from us on your behalf, which we prefer. Otherwise, if you find it difficult to obtain any of our products, you can simply place an order from our online shop on this website. You can choose to pay either with credit card or EFT bank transfer. The majority of our products are always in stock and available to be dispatched within 24 hours.

Please note we are not a walk-in pet store. We dispatch all goods from our warehouse, so if you want to arrange a pick-up in person, you'll need to order ahead and let us know when you'll be coming.

We do not sell live animals, but we have listed all reputable breeders on our website, so you can contact them directly to buy a pet hamster, guinea pig, rabbit, chinchilla, bird or reptile.

Although we are experiencing some tough economic conditions in South Africa, we know that South Africans love and adore their pets and will do anything to cater for their needs, including offering them the best nutritional pet food to maintain their health and longevity and providing them with a good quality home.

But sadly this is not so easy. The vast majority of pet stores don’t stock suitable cages for most small animals, poor bedding material and poor quality pet food, which is detrimental to their health. This is because they under pressure to stock the cheapest pet products, which is mostly imported from China. When you compare our European imported cages and pet accessories to the products found in most South African pet stores, you'll easy notice that our products look and feel different.

We understand this is niche market, but we sincerely believe that if these products were readily available, many South Africans will buy them. Not every pet owner is shopping for the cheapest pet cage and pet food. South Africans need a choice and we hoping we will be able to successfully fill this gap in the South African pet industry.