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Oceanlife Coral Food P
List Price : R440.00
Price : R390.00
Oceanlife Coral Food P from Italy is an optimum nutrition for SPS, LPS, soft and filtering corals. The new formulation is finer, more rich in proteins of marine origin, fatty acids HUFA and is optimal to bring the whole system a source of energy for growth and well-being.Nutrition is a key element for successful coral growth and their health. A good source of food is essential to keep corals healthy, colourful and prevents damage by pests or loss of tissue from the bottom. 70g
Oceanlife SPS Food EVO
List Price : R610.00
Price : R550.00
SPS Food EVO is an advanced food specific for SPS corals. Its highly hydrodispersible form and the advanced protein formulation with enzymatic activation make it easily assimilable and an unequaled bioavailable energy carrier. These unique characteristics make it the ideal food for the most demanding coral farmers in oligotrophic environments (ULNS - Ultra Low Nutrinet Systems). When fed with SPS Food EVO, the corals grow faster, the polyps become more extroverted and more intensely colour. 65g
Oceanlife LPS Food P
List Price : R500.00
Price : R440.00
Oceanlife LPS Food P is a pellet food studied for LPS corals. It provides specific nourishment, intensifying colours, coral well-being and resistance to unfavourable conditions. 150ml
Oceanlife Supreme Liquid Salt
List Price : R700.00
Price : R600.00
Supreme Liquid Salt is formulated and carefully blended within Oceanlife's plant using only the best pharmaceutical quality salts to accurately replicate natural seawater (NSW). This 3-part system is faster and easier to use than traditional powdered salt. Once the 3 components have been added to the water, the water is immediately ready for use. Consists of 6Kg P1 + 6Kg P2 + 85ml P3
Oceanlife Overflow 40/25
List Price : R4,225.00
Price : R3,800.00
With its extremely compact size and attractive design, the Oceanlife Overflow System fits seamlessly into the tank, leaving full space to the inhabitants, without resorting to the use of unsightly overflow columns. The cleaning is very simple, just turn and remove the front grille, which can then be cleaned with ease and without having to stop the return pump. 40mm drain and 25mm return. Made in Italy.
Oceanlife Marine Habitat Sea Salt 20KG
List Price : R2,250.00
Price : R2,000.00
Oceanlife Marine Habitat is pure marine salt in powder form that dissolves quickly without leaving residues. It represents the right starting point for those who do not need a refined salt such as Oceanlife Supreme Liquid Salt but still want to have healthy and colorful corals. Made in Italy. 20KG
Oceanlife Ready Balling CA 1
List Price : R315.00
Price : R280.00
Ready Balling CA 1 is a product ready to be used following the Balling method. This product has a reintegration capacity equivalent to 2 kg of calcium chloride. The raw material used for the preparation has a pharmaceutical grade purity.They have been developed to be used in a simple way with dosing pumps and without having to weigh and dissolve components. Made in Italy.
Oceanlife Ready Balling KH 2
List Price : R225.00
Price : R200.00
Oceanlife Ready Balling KH 2 is a product ready to use following the Balling method. It is a solution of bicarbonates and carbonates with a concentration of 5,000 dKH/l. This pack has a replenishment capacity equivalent to 750g of sodium bicarbonate. The raw material used for the preparation has a pharmaceutical grade purity. Made in Italy.
Oceanlife Ready Balling MG 3
List Price : R315.00
Price : R280.00
Oceanlife Ready Balling MG 3 is a product ready to use following the balling method. It contains very pure salts of magnesium, strontium, boron and potassium in balanced proportions. Its formula is also balanced between chlorides and sulfates, so as not to unbalance the ionic ratio of water. This product has a magnesium replenishment capacity equal to 2 kg of magnesium chloride. The raw material used for the preparation has a pharmaceutical grade purity. Made in Italy.
Oceanlife Amin Extra P
List Price : R460.00
Price : R415.00
Oceanlife AMIN EXTRA Powder is a special and unique food based on amino acids powder, designed for SPS, LPS and soft corals. Thanks to its use, corals will receive extra energy and important elements necessary for metabolic processes, enhancing growth and colors. Combined with CORAL FOOD Powder, guarantees a complete nutrition to maintain healthy and vital corals. Its use also strengthens coral defenses against parasites attacks, making them more resistant. 25g
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