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Kamoer ATO One 2 Smart Auto Top Off
List Price : R3,223.00
Price : R2,900.00
ATO One 2 is an intelligent water replenishment device, is an upgraded version of ATO One.ATO One 2 SE is the standard version with submersible pump, it only needs to install the sensor and submersible pump, which can be used after power on without setting. The sensor is fixed by magnet, which is convenient for installation and adjustment. Equipped with optical level sensor, blue optical level sensor is used to monitor the water level and decide whether to replenish water, red optical level sens
Kamoer X5S WiFi Dosing Pump
List Price : R13,000.00
Price : R11,700.00
The X5 S dosing pump is the first 5-channel WIFI dosing pump from Kamoer.With the app remote control, the X5 S dosing pump can flexibly and accurately replenish the aquarium with the various elements needed for the growth of marine life. ★ Smallest form factor ★ Remote control via app, support iOS & Android ★ Safe and reliable with waterproof connectors ★ Colorful pump heads with high quality PharMed BPT tube ★ Each pump head can calibrate flow rate ★ Built-in temperature detection ★ Settings sa
Kamoer KH Carer Automatic Alkalinity Testing
List Price : R43,320.00
Price : R38,990.00
The Kamoer KH Carer is an automatic testing device measuring KH values (Alkalinity) in an aquarium. It includes manual and automatic detection functions. Users can easily view the test results and set the test parameters in the Android or iOS app. The equipment can adjust the KH value according to the test results automatically.
Kamoer A1 WiFi Dosing Pump
List Price : R2,510.00
Price : R2,260.00
A1 is a single channel Wi-Fi dosing pump. The structure is equipped with a long-life imported pump tube, and the service life is guaranteed. A1 can flexibly and accurately supplement various trace elements required for the growth of marine organisms to the marine biological tank through the remote control of mobile app. Through automatic addition, the workload of manual addition can be greatly reduced, and errors such as missing addition, excessive or insufficient addition caused by manual addit
Kamoer X1 PRO2 WiFi Dosing Micro Pump
List Price : R3,225.00
Price : R2,900.00
X1 PRO 2 is a single-channel intelligent dosing pump with WIFI remote function, mainly used to add the various elements needed for marine life growth, such as calcium, magnesium, KH booster, trace elements, etc. to marine life cylinder timing, quantitative and accurate. The automation of X1 PRO 2 can greatly reduce the amount of manual added work, but also avoid manual addition caused by leakage, adding excessive or insufficient errors.
Kamoer X1 PRO T2 Stepper Motor Peristaltic Dosing pump
List Price : R8,556.00
Price : R7,700.00
X1 PRO T 2 is remotely controlled via a mobile phone App, using a long-life stepper motor, which can be used as a dosing pump or a calcium reaction pump.When used as a dosing pump, it can flexibly and accurately replenish various elements required for the growth of marine organisms, such as calcium, magnesium, KH enhancer, trace elements, etc., to the marine biological tank. Through automatic addition, the workload of manual addition can be greatly reduced, and errors such as missed addition, ex
Kamoer KWC Auto Water Changer
List Price : R6,950.00
Price : R6,250.00
KWC is an intelligent water replenishment and water change equipment, suitable for occasions such as water replenishment and water change in sea aquariums. The device can be controlled locally through the App. The device has an optical level sensor(Anti-overflow sensor). It is used to control the start and stop of equipment water replenishment and the overflow prevention of water change; It has a float level sensor(Waste liquid anti-overflow sensor).It is used to prevent the overflow of the w
Kamoer Qijian2 Aquarium Controller
List Price : R38,000.00
Price : R34,000.00
Helps you monitor fish tanks remotely, anytime, anywhere, to verify that water quality and equipment are working properly, and to send anomaly alert notifications in the event of an anomaly. Includes sensor module, real-time monitoring temperature, pH and EC values, standard 10 inch touch screen, UI interface new upgrade, equipped with Wi-Fi communication technology, support the expansion of P8 intelligent socket, dosing pump and other equipment, to achieve lighting, wave making, protein skimmer
Kamoer X2SR Water Change System
List Price : R20,027.00
Price : R18,025.00
The X2SR PRO is the larger version of the popular Kamoer X2S automatic water change unit. It is , App controlled, WIFI water change pump, designed to automate regular water changes on your aquarium system. One pump removes water and the other one replaces it by the same volume automatically. Users can use the X2S to perform automatic or manual water changes on their aquarium. This unit also features an integrated auto top up system to replenish water lost via evaporation.
Kamoer X4 PRO WiFi Dosing Pump
List Price : R11,205.00
Price : R10,085.00
Kamoer remote App controlled Wi-Fi dosing pump the Kamoer‘X4 PRO’ the most compact 4 channel dosing pump with screen available in the marketplace. The pump will provide simple, flexible and precise control of supplement additions to your aquarium through the easy to use Kamoer remote mobile App (Android and IOS). X4 PRO using direct drive geared DC motors for the ultimate in dosing accuracy and precision at an affordable price. These pumps are incredibly small, under 250mm wide and 50mm deep.
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