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Kamoer Qijian2 Aquarium Controller
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Helps you monitor fish tanks remotely, anytime, anywhere, to verify that water quality and equipment are working properly, and to send anomaly alert notifications in the event of an anomaly. Includes sensor module, real-time monitoring temperature, pH and EC values, standard 10 inch touch screen, UI interface new upgrade, equipped with Wi-Fi communication technology, support the expansion of P8 intelligent socket, dosing pump and other equipment, to achieve lighting, wave making, protein skimmer
Price : R38,000.00R34,000.00
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Kamoer Qijian 2 is an intelligent monitoring and control system for aquarium organisms. It provides a flexible and easy-to-expandable intelligent control solution, allowing you to more conveniently carry out aquarium-related maintenance work and have more time to enjoy life. Beautiful.

The system contains 1 pH, 1 EC, and 1 temperature detection to monitor water quality. You can view the sensor value or historical value and historical value change curve through the Aqua Cloud App; if the value is abnormal, the smart controller will report The App on the smartphone pushes sensor abnormal alarms to alert users.

1. Electrical conductivity (EC) electrode interface
2. pH electrode interface
3. Temperature electrode interface
4.DC5V 4A power supply
5. LAN interface (10/100M Ethernet interface, wired)
6. USB interface (note: the USB interface in the lower left corner is temporarily unavailable)
7. It can be used as a CAN interface (CAN device access port, for example, connect to Kamoer smart socket P8 through a cable), or RS485 interface (RS485 device access port, for example, connect to an X4 dosing pump through a cable)
8. pH electrode
9. Conductivity (EC) electrode
10. Temperature electrode


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