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Oceanlife Supreme Liquid Salt
List Price : R600.00
Price : R540.00
Supreme Liquid Salt is formulated and carefully blended within Oceanlife's plant using only the best pharmaceutical quality salts to accurately replicate natural seawater (NSW). This 3-part system is faster and easier to use than traditional powdered salt. Once the 3 components have been added to the water, the water is immediately ready for use. Consists of 6Kg P1 + 6Kg P2 + 85ml P3
Deltec 400i DC Protein Skimmer
List Price : R8,000.00
Price : R6,995.00
New Deltec 400i DC Protein Skimmer is suitable for aquariums from 100 - 400l.Highly efficient cylinder shape. Emergency Overflow with water level indicator. Extremely quiet operation due to new hollow chamber floor. Extremely low power consumption (9watts). Quick and easy removal of the pump. Variable adjustable DC pump. 20.5 x 12,5 x 50.5 cm. For sumps with 15 to 25 cm water level. Made in Germany.
Kamoer X1 Bluetooth Dosing Pump
List Price : R1,800.00
Price : R1,590.00
Flexible and precise control of liquid additions to your aquarium. Easy to use mobile interface make set up a breeze. Daisy chain up to 4 - X1 dosers per power supply. Dosing Times: 12 times/day -once/31 days Fluid Volume: 1ml - 6000ml Accuracy: <+/-2%
Kamoer F4 PRO WiFi Dosing Pump
List Price : R11,100.00
Price : R9,990.00
Keeping parameters stable is key to having a successful reef or planted tank. The Kamoer F4 PRO can easily schedule dosing 2-part supplements (alkalinity & calcium), Kalkwasser, trace elements, live or prepared foods, or even fertilizers and liquid CO2, keeping your reef or planted aquarium system in an ideal range. WiFi controllable using your smart phone. Dosing Times: 24 times/day -once/7 days. Fluid Volume: 1ml -1000ml. Accuracy: <+/-0.5% Size: 250x59x49mm
Deltec 600i DC Protein Skimmer
List Price : R10,000.00
Price : R8,995.00
Deltec 600i DC Multi-stage power control protein skimmer with Manual Self Cleaning head. Highly efficient cylinder shape. Newly developed safety overflow, with water level indicator. Whisper quiet through a new hollow chamber floor. Extremely low power consumption. Quick and easy removal of the pump. Controllable vari-flow pump. Aquarium size 200 to 600 litres. 14x22x51cm. For sumps with 15 to 25cm water level. Made in Germany
Kamoer FX-STP Peristaltic Pump
List Price : R7,000.00
Price : R6,490.00
Made for calcium reactors, denitrators, gradual water changes, or any other fluid that you need to continuously transfer to your aquarium. The Kamoer FX-SP is compact and quiet, but the biggest feature is the ability to change the flow rate while it is running. You can change the flow anywhere from 1mL/min all the way up to 120mL/min depending on your application. High Precision Stepper Motor. Easy to Calibrate. On-Board Memory. Best Solution for Calcium Reactors. 125mm (h) x 83mm (w) x 133m (d)
Aquael MiniBoost 200
List Price : R360.00
Price : R320.00
MINIBOOST is one of the smallest membrane aerators available. Thanks to continuously adjustable performance, it can be easily adapted to any tank. One of its main advantages is the exceptionally durable membrane. The aerator guarantees perfect oxygenation of water in even the most demanding tanks.
Aquael MAXI KANI 150 Canister Filter
List Price : R2,800.00
Price : R2,500.00
Simple design - convenience of use, high efficiency with low energy consumption, ideal conditions for breeding animals and freshwater plants, work in shallow water, any filtration configuration, integrated shut-off system, properly selected filtration media, complete set.
Oceanlife Overflow 40/25
List Price : R3,800.00
Price : R3,400.00
With its extremely compact size and attractive design, the Oceanlife Overflow System fits seamlessly into the tank, leaving full space to the inhabitants, without resorting to the use of unsightly overflow columns. The cleaning is very simple, just turn and remove the front grille, which can then be cleaned with ease and without having to stop the return pump. 40mm drain and 25mm return. Made in Italy.
Comfy Cornelius Natural Litter
List Price : R160.00
Price : R140.00
100% Natural clumping litter made of corn. Excellent odour control, easy scooping, does not stick to paws, eco-friendly. 7L
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