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Bunny Nature RabbitDream Vitality
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RabbitDream Vitality is specially formulated for rabbits from 6 months of age. This natural, fibre-rich food is unique because it is made from 63 different types of grasses, plants and herbs, from natural meadows. Includes papaya which is positive for immune system, metabolism & digestion. With tasty fennel seeds & soothing camomile blossoms. Contains natural essential amino acids to support skin & fur. Contains no preservatives, flavour enhancers, added sugars, colourings and aromas.
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Bunny Nature offers optimally balanced food with their unique recipes, made from high-quality ingredients and with extremely controlled production to meet the nutritional needs of your rabbit. All this is done without the use of preservatives, flavour enhancers, added sugars, colourings and aromas.

At Bunny Nature, the welfare of rabbits comes first, as they strive to offer your furry pet a happy and healthy life through high-quality nutrition and carefully formulated products.

Bunny Nature RabbitDream Vitality is complete food for rabbits from the age of 6 months and offers:
  • Biological diversity: contains 63 different plants from natural meadows
  • With valuable papaya: positive for immune system, metabolism & digestion
  • With fennel seeds & camomile blossoms: appetising & soothing
  • With natural essential amino acids: supports skin & fur
  • Balanced recipe for long healthy life: 73 important ingredients that are correctly dosed
  • 3 fibre mix: 3 different fibre lengths for tooth abrasion and healthy intestinal flora
  • Optimal crude fibre to starch ratio: protects against fattening
  • Organic, non-GMO ingredients
Why Is Plant Diversity Important In Rabbit Pellets?

With 63 different plants, Bunny Nature offers the ideal food spectrum for rabbits, mirroring their natural diet. It is a mistake to assume that a single plant in the feed can provide the necessary and relevant nutrients and vitamins.

Rabbits in nature, live in a large area and have a wide spectrum of diverse plants available that are necessary to meet their needs. The unique plant composition of Bunny Nature Trimellos mirrors the natural diet of rabbits, ensuring a perfect imitation of their natural environment in every bowl.



Growth of permanent meadows (Timothy, meadow fescue, red fescue, meadow foxtail, blue grass, cocksfoot, cow parsley, rough dandelion, meadow chickweed, common yarrow, lady's mantle, vernal grass, field clover, ribwort, meadow sage, meadow trefoil, tall fescue, meadow bellflower, caraway, meadow knapweed, common hornwort, bedstraw-meadow thistle, soft tristle, common dandelion, tussock grass, true meadowsweet, field hornwort, wood strawberry, bird´s vetch, gemander speedwell, meadow pippweed, true bedstraw, downy meadow oats, common horsetail, field horsetail, white bedstraw, white cranesbill, fat meadow daisy, field widow´s-flower, cuckoo´s-flower pink, common loosestrife, field-speedwell, tall oat grass, meadow rye, medium plantain, greater meadow-knap, narrow-leaved vetch, forget-me-nots, meadow saxifrage, lesser burnet, creeping cinquefoil, cowslip, nodding campion, lesser meadow-grass, grass stitchwort, meadow goats-beard, stinging nettle, fragrant speedwell, red clover, bush vetch, geneva goutweed, goutweed, daisies), oat peel bran, sunflower seed extracted, linseed extracted, apple pomace, carrot pomace, wheat bran, rape seed extracted, fennel seeds 0,5%, papaya dried 0,25%, camomile blossoms 0,25% 

Nutritional additives:

Vitamin A 10.000 IU • Vitamin D3 700 IU • Vitamin E 60 mg • copper {11)-sulphate, pentahydrate 6 mg • calcium iodate, waterfree 0.9 mg • zinc oxide 60 mg • manganese (II)-oxide 40 mg • sodium selenite 0.18 mg 

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 13% • crude fats 2.7% • crude fibre 20% • starch 4.7% • crude ash 8.5% • calcium 0.6% • phosphorous 0.4% • sodium 0.18%

Crude fibre to starch ratio:


Feeding guide:

Fill the feeding bowl with RabbitDream Vitality  and wait until all the food has been eaten, before refilling it again. Compliment with fresh, lukewarm water and high quality bunny hay. This ensures optimal nutrition 24/7 without dosage, rationing or restriction.

Trimello® – Healthy Nutrition For Rabbits
  • Most gentle processing of all sensitive plants.
  • Combines all nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.
  • Prevents selective feed intake - all necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements are always(!) absorbed.
  • Stress-free and carefree feeding for the owner - the rabbits are optimally fed.
  • Best care of the animals, they live healthier, become less sensitive, they are healthy until old age.
  • Rough fibre structure ensures healthy teeth, healthy digestion. No fast food - only healthy and species-appropriate ingredients for a contented rabbit life.
  • Very good acceptance due to the variety of plants and healthy ingredients
  • Balanced recipes, so that a dosage of the daily portions is not necessary. It can be fed freely in combination with hay. The rabbit decides - as in nature itself - what it needs and how much. This is important for a healthy rabbit life.
  • Trimellos balance the vitamin imbalances if a lot of hay is fed Trimellos feature optimal particle size and fiber structure, promoting dental health and efficient digestion.
  • Long chewing time to wear down teeth and keep them healthy.
  • Due to the long chewing time, the food is salivated and predigested to suit the stomach. This eliminates stomach overload and ensures healthy digestion overall.
  • Can be fed ad lib - i.e. at the rabbits own disposal. No dosage necessary. The rabbits only consume the amount that is needed. 
It is important to follow the simple 5- step feeding guideline below to help you understand the high levels of beneficial fibre required by rabbits.
1. High Quality Feeding Hay
High-quality, feeding hay should make up 85-90% of your rabbit's diet. You should make sure it is freely available and replaced with fresh hay every day. Bunny Nature timothy and meadow hay from Germany provides the highest quality by offering a wide variety of plants such as timothy grass, meadow fescue, meadow foxtail, ryegrass, red fescue, bluegrass, bentgrass, cocksfoot, creeping red fescue, german ryegrass, dandelion, silverweed, chickweed, yarrow, ribwort, white clover, red clover, birdsfood trefoil. This hay provides maximum taste and nutrients to rabbits through its diversity of plants. It is rich in fibres, crunchy & dust-free. Newhay is an award-winning timothy hay from U.K. that is baled within 48 hours of cutting to maintain the nutrition nature intended, and processed to reduce harmful dust and bacteria to ensure premium quality in every bite.

2. Bunny Nature Trimellos®
The patented Trimello® shaped pellets from Bunny Nature should be fed as a supplement to feeding hay or grass to ensure your rabbits get all the vitamins and minerals they need. These Trimellos® are made with 63 different plants from natural meadows, just as nature intended. This food does not contain any added preservatives, flavour enhancers, added sugar, colouring or flavouring. 

3. Bunny Nature Botanicals, Enjoy Nature Snacks & Crunchy Crackers

These delicious, natural and healthy snacks can be fed in small amounts either by hand to help bonding, left in housing to keep your rabbits occupied or sprinkled through feeding hay to encourage foraging. ​

4. Fresh Leafy Greens

Rabbits can be fed fresh leafy greens everyday as a treat to add variety and provide additional nutrition such as fresh grass (not lawn clippings), dandelion leaves, plantain, herb robert, rose bush leaves, nasturtium, wild geranium, strawberry and raspberry leaves, hazel tree leaves & branches, willow tree leaves & branches, apple tree leaves & branches, Hawthorn, brambles, goosegrass, blackthorn, nettle (dried), cauliflower leaves, celery leaves, green pepper, kale, mint, romaine lettuce (not iceberg lettuce), spring greens.

The following should be fed only occassionally in small amounts: Apple (pipless), banana, savoy cabbage, turnip, carrot tops, swede, spinach, parsley, basil, dill, oregano, coriander.

5. Fresh Lukewarm Water

A plentiful supply of fresh lukewarm water should be supplied daily. Change it daily in warm weather and ensure it hasn't frozen over during winter months.

Bunny Nature, a dedicated brand for small mammals!
Bunny Nature is a family owned business in Germany that is founded with love for animals. Their goal, which they continue to pursue to this day, is to produce optimal and healthy food for small mammals, which is perfectly tailored to the animals' original living environment and needs. 

This company works closely with leading veterinarians specialized in rodents and integrates scientific research into the production of rodent food and accessories. Bunny Nature was one of the first manufacturers to develop a low-sugar diet for small rodents, which minimizes the risk of diabetes.
The CEO of Bunny Nature says: "When developing and producing animal-friendly food, we always put the animals first. We look at where they come from, what they eat there, what their social behavior and eating behavior look like. It is not only important to provide that information and understand their nutritional needs, but it is also essential to apply this knowledge consistently when choosing the right food. That makes all the difference." 

The Bunny Nature Lucky Formula!

Happiness starts with the right, balanced diet. That is the starting point. Rodents that receive appropriate food are happy and healthy. And rodents that don't have to worry about their next meal are extremely happy and healthy. This brings us to the Bunny Nature happiness formula.

Bunny Nature's recipes are always based on the welfare needs of the rodents. Bunny Nature understands that for nutritional reasons it is necessary to make food available to the animals ad libitum (unlimited), so that they can meet their needs every time without overeating or becoming overweight. With their unique recipes, Bunny Nature offers optimally balanced food, made from high-quality ingredients and with extremely controlled production to meet the nutritional needs of your rodent, as nature teaches us. All this is done without the use of preservatives, flavour enhancers, added sugars, colourings and aromas.

At Bunny Nature, the welfare of the animals comes first, and they strive to offer your rodent a happy and healthy life through high-quality nutrition and carefully formulated products.


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