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Comfy Wave Cat Scratching Post
List Price : R1,427.00
Price : R1,285.00
SEA WAVE-SHAPED SCRATCHING POST. The WAVE scratching post was designed in the shape of a sea wave. The corrugated platform is attached on 2 supports to a square, stable base. Upholstered with plush, with a separate surface for scratching, it is a fantastic place to lie down and rest. The scratching post is made in subdued colors, matching any room. 42x40x58cm
Comfy Modern Cat Scratching Post
List Price : R2,995.00
Price : R2,695.00
The MODERN scratching post stands out from the rest primarily by the fabric from which the upholstery of the booth and platforms was made. It is an elegant upholstery fabric, a melange of black and white. The modern style is emphasized by posts, wrapped with string in contrasting colors – alternating light and dark. A booth with a round entrance, two large platforms and an attached mouse is a proposal for active cats. It will look great in a modernly furnished room. 55x40x90cm
Comfy Leon Cat Scratching Post
List Price : R662.00
Price : R595.00
SCRATCHING POST WITH AS MANY AS TWO TOYS. LEON is a classic scratching post form set on a rounded base. On the entire surface it is braided with a string, forming a large plane for scratching. However, unlike less complex models, LEON is equipped with as many as two toys. One of them is a mouse, placed on a spring mounted in the base. The second is a fluffy ball on a rotating arm protruding from the top of the post. 51cm
Comfy Jack Cat Scratching Post
List Price : R2,328.00
Price : R2,095.00
TWO-STOREY SCRATCHING POST WITH PLATFORMS, A BOOTH AND A TUNNEL. The two-story JACK scratching post is the real kingdom of every cat. Its basis is a canopy upholstered with plush, with a convenient entrance. The next floor is a platform supported by two posts, with a tunnel suspended under it. The whole is crowned with another floor with a platform, from where our pet has a perfect view of the entire room. Natural, beige colors blend well with the décor of the house.
Comfy Agatha Cat Scratching Post
List Price : R428.00
Price : R385.00
CLASSIC POST WITH ATTACHED BALL ON A STRING. AGATHA is one of the simplest models from the COMFY offer. A classic post with a ball attached to the string is attached to a square base. Both the base and the post are wrapped in sisal. Thanks to its small dimensions, it takes up little space in the apartment, it will also allow even the youngest kittens to play and learn how to use it. Subdued colors blend well with most rooms. 40cm
Comfy Zeo Cat Scratching Post
List Price : R1,038.00
Price : R935.00
SCRATCHING POST IN THE PATTERN OF CAT'S PAWS. ZEO and TED are two-level cat scratchers, the common feature of which is the pattern of fabric in the imprints of cat's paws. In both versions, we will get a structure consisting of a booth at the base and a platform on the post. ZEO has a round base and a light fabric in a dark pattern. Allows your cat to sharpen claws, rest on the platform or in the booth and play.58x31cm
Comfy Tube Cat Scratching Post
List Price : R2,078.00
Price : R1,870.00
CYLINDER-SHAPED WITH HOLES. A proposal for all cat lovers of hiding places and games in the tunnel. This scratching post in the form of a vertical roller with two holes at different heights in addition to its basic function will provide the cat with additional entertainment. Thanks to the fabric used for upholstery, the cat can sharpen its claws over its entire surface. The entrances are decorated with plush, which is also lined with the top of the scratching post. 35x60cm
Comfy Sam Cat Scratching Post
List Price : R240.00
Price : R215.00
SAM is the simplest and least space-saving scratching post in the COMFY offer. It has been designed to meet the need for scratching, especially for cat owners who want to save space, use the possibility of its quick and easy hanging or put it on the furniture most often scratched by a cat. SAM has the form of a board wrapped in sisal, available in two variants: with or without plush ends. 49cm
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