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Petrebels Pasadena 40 Cat tree
List Price : R1,100.00
Price : R990.00
PASANDA 40 is a fashionable throne for your lazy Rebel. Sleeping well and occasionally scratching turns the Pasadena 40 into an ideal second scratching option. It is very stable and covered in a soft, plush, noble-shining fabric. With a diameter of 40 cm and a height of 22 cm, the PASADENA 40 is suitable for every cats. This tripod design also fits perfectly as a seat option in your living room. Colour: Cream, Size 40x40x22cm Weight: 2.7kg
Petrebels Portland 92 Cat tree
List Price : R2,165.00
Price : R1,950.00
PORTLAND 92 is a scratching furniture with a lot of nice features. It has a comfortable seat at the top, a relax sofa for cuddle opportunities halfway and a hiding tunnel at the bottom. In short, its a great model for kittens and small cats. You will love it! Size 40x40cm / height 92cm Weight 8.7kg
Petrebels Little Rock 99 Cat tree
List Price : R2,886.00
Price : R2,600.00
Our LITTLE ROCK 99 cat tree got its name because it stands like a rock! LITTLE ROCK 99 is a very stable and a solid scratching furniture equipped with a 60 cm heavy scratch board . The bottom plate, with a half square meter ground, makes this model suitable for even heavy cats. This model also provides a spacious sleeping cave and a comfortable seat including a cushion, which can be used as an overlook for a nice overview.
Petrebels Cleveland 175 Cat tree
List Price : R3,774.00
Price : R3,400.00
The largest model in the Little Rebels collection. The Cleveland 175 has 2 wonderful caves where your Rebels can hide. There are also 2 hammocks and a sofa where your Royal has a wonderful overview. With 7cm diameter crab stems, the Cleveland is obviously not intended for heavy and large scrapers, we really recommend 12cm or more. Cleveland is recommended for cats up to 3,5 kg max. 60x50x175cm
Petrebels Charlotte 134 Cat tree
List Price : R4,163.00
Price : R3,750.00
A royal topseller named CHARLOTTE134. With its 5.2mm thick, naturall sisal and 9cm thick scratching posts, CHARLOTTE 134 is a very stable cat tree for your loved one. In total, there is a sleeping cave, 1 hammock and a mega soft seat, with removable cushions, what makes CHARLOTTE 134 what we call "complete" CHARLOTTE 134 does not need much space and is also perfect for large cats that want to strech the whole way along the long scratching posts at the bottom. 56x59x134cm Weight 25.2kg
Petrebels Catharina 120 Cat tree
List Price : R4,163.00
Price : R3,750.00
Pet Rebel Catharina deserve the addition in the name as the famous idol - the great! Not even in the real height but great in colour, design and quality. The colour combination of a cream colored plush with black sisal around the posts and black sisal carpet around the cave box makes the scratching tree appealing and timeless. A lot of scratching surface for a small tree! 50x50cm/height 120cm 16.2kg
Petrebels Anna 240 Cat tree
List Price : R3,660.00
Price : R3,290.00
A traditional model in a much more modern design. With its extra floors, it is a convenience for your cat to climb to the top and ideal for scratchers and active cats who want to stretch out every day. With its 5.2mm thick, naturall sisal and 9cm thick posts, ANNA 240 is a treat for very kind and size of cats. ANNA 240 can easily be fixed to the ceiling with a special ceiling fixator which makes ANNA 240 as stable as a rock! 40x40cm/ Height 240cm 18.7kg
Petrebels Victoria 125 Cat tree
List Price : R4,211.00
Price : R3,790.00
Small and compact! VICTORIA 125 belongs to our "Kings and Queens" collection because it combines compact construction with an open design . With its 6mm thick, naturall sisal and 12cm thick posts, VICTORIA 125 is ideal for smaller homes. Two luxurious seats with cushion at the top ensure your darling an optimal lookout. A Sleeping cave for afternoon naps and a play role create a truly treat for your cat.
Petrebels Tampa 70 Cat tree
List Price : R3,552.00
Price : R3,200.00
What a cool model. The new TAMPA 70 has a fantastic natural look and is equipped with every luxury for your little Rebel. Natural wooden trunks with natural sisal wraps, soft 500 grams plush and a lovely floating diaper hammock make our TAMPA 70 perfect for every cat. 45x45x70cm Weight 13.5kg Colour: Cream
Petrebels Skyline 185 Deluxe Cat tree
List Price : R13,875.00
Price : R12,500.00
Are you looking for a scratching post that is stable, large and high? Almost all elements are double that means 2 ladders, 4 hammocks , 2 large sleeping areas and much more! It is varied and richly designed. It is 1 big successful work of art. The 15 cm thick sisal poles and 4 cm high base plate give the SKYLINE 185 the luxury a massive appearance and supports the stability. The bedrooms are equipped with soft cushions, which are removable and washable. 100x60x185cm. 61.5kg
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