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Pet Rebels Washington 82 Cat Tree
Price : R00.00
The Washinton 82 scratching tree is certainly not the White House, but it is a thoroughly recommendable alternative for each cat which loves comfortable and relaxing lying comfort and sufficient scratch occasions in smallest possible space. A sofa and a large lying area offers enough space to relax and dream. A scratching-bridge and 4 sisal posts provide many opportunities for nail care. A plush toy provides a playfully variety. 35x35cm/height 82cm
Pet Rebels Houston 109 Cat Tree
Price : R00.00
HOUSTON 109 we have no problem! The scratching post HOUSTON 109 has no problem. Its skills are small, compact, effective. It is equipped with 2 tubes to relax, 2 lying boards and a sleeping box with an entrance in the shape of a heart. HOUSTON 109 leaves nothing to be desired for the smallest room. HOUSTON 109 is suitable for small and medium-sized cats. Dimensions: 35x35m/height 109cm
Pet Rebels Residence 80 Cat Tree
Price : R00.00
RESIDENCE 80 offers a small room exactly what it needs to offer a small city residence. A cozy berth to relax, which is reminiscent of a seesaw, a divan in the attic for the best view, a scratch-bridge for daily care and a plush toy for daily training. And all of this in the smallest room. The stable base plate of 4 cm, constitutes a secure foundation for this cute small residence. RESIDENCE 80 is very well suited for small and medium-sized cats. 50x50cm/height 80cm
Pet Rebels Maine Coon 173 Cat Tree
Price : R00.00
REBEL MAINE COON 173 is dedicated to big and strong freethinker and beatniks. The sofabed is rebellious large and has a removable and washable cushion. The bottom panel has 5 cm thickness and withstands every rebellion. Also the sisal rope keeps rebellious challenges without any argue. REBEL MAINE COON 173 is suitable for all cats, but is predestined for large cats like Maine Coon, the Norwegian Forest Cat or the American Ragdolls. 80x80cm/height 173cm
Pet Rebels Barrel 90
Price : R00.00
Thinking out of box! A familiar design with a unique touch! What is there to change a normal scratching tower? Is it really possible? A scratching tower is a scratching tower – and that’s it! Is that really the case? Petrebels says no, we do not want to believe that! And lo and behold we create our new BARREL- series -THIS IS MY HAPPY PLACE, where we are giving for sure new impetus to this product. Ø38cm/Height 90cm
Pet Rebels Cityview 195 Cat Tree
Price : R00.00
This cat tree is fully equipped with everything a great lounge leopard needs to feel good. Luxurious sleeping area and with guaranteed views of the entire hustle and bustle in your home. Dedicated to big cats, it has solid 20 cm scratching posts which are wrapped with sturdy 5.2 mm sisal. A big sofa on the top, a large hammock and a big reclining area is part of this wonderful interior. The sofa is stuffed with a cuddly cushion and will be the favorite relaxing spot for your cat. 110x60cm/height
Pet Rebels Skyline 185 Cat Tree
Price : R00.00
Skyline 185 rocks the house. We have almost doubled everything. 2 ladders, 2 hammocks, 2 large caves and more! It is varied and spacious designed. The focal point is the horizontal scratching board. The cat can reach it from all sides. suitable for all cats, especially for large and strong cats. 2 or more cats are also very welcome here. The 15 and 12cm thick stems and 5 cm high base plate give SKYLINE 185 the massive appearance and make it stable for high activities. 100x60cm/height 185cm
Pet Rebels Victoria 45 Cat Tree
Price : R00.00
The small royal throne Victoria 45 is suitable for human and pets likewise. She is stable at 3 feet and is covered with a noble gloss and fluffy plush. With a diameter of 40cm and a height of 45cm, VICTORIA 45 is suitable for all cats. A removable cushion ensures a dreamy and relaxing cave. Due to tripod feet VICTORIA 45 fits just fine as a seating accommodation in any living environment.
Pet Rebels Catharina 120 Cat Tree
Price : R00.00
Pet Rebel Catharina deserve the addition in the name as the famous idol - the great! Not even in the real height but great in colour, design and quality. The colour combination of a cream colored plush with black sisal around the posts and black sisal carpet around the cave box makes the scratching tree appealing and timeless. A lot of scratching surface for a small tree! 50x50cm/height 120cm
Pet Rebels Cabin 125 Cat Tree
Price : R00.00
The Cabin 125 belongs to the category Sweet Petite because it is compact (petite), sweet and strong. With its 6mm thick, natural, sisal and 12cm thick posts, the Cabin 125 is ideal for smaller homes. Two luxurious seats with cushion at the top ensure that your darling can sit on the lookout. A Sleeping cave for afternoon nap, and a play role makes it a real treat for your cat. The cabin 125 is suitable for all breeds and several cats. 48,5x48,5cm/ Height 125cm
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