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There are cat people and there are dog people – there are also rabbit people who open up their homes for free ranging bunnies to enjoy their life as house pets. As rabbits are clever, clean creatures who can be litter-trained, why not ha.. [More]
Unless they’ve got used to it from a very young age, some rabbits really don’t enjoy being handled and may wriggle, kick out and even give you a nip when you try to pick them up. Others, who have gained confidence and trust in thei.. [More]
Like all baby animals, kittens love to play. As well as being lots of fun, play teaches young cats about the world around them, aids their physical development and hones their fabulous feline skills. As cats get older, play is a great way to k.. [More]

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Comfy SuperFly
List Price : R150.00
Price : R130.00
Durable and robust flying puck. Ideal for beginners playing with a frisbee. Puck floats on the water surface.
Comfy Wow Devil Cat Toy
List Price : R70.00
Price : R60.00
Soft toy with a diameter of 8 cm for cats - are in the form of funny creatures with bulging eyes made of hairy fabric. Inside they contain rattle stimulates the animal to play with. Available in different colours. Ideal especially for cats left on longer at home without the presence of a guardian.
Comfy Pinokio Wooden Litter
List Price : R120.00
Price : R100.00
Comfy Pinokio - universal wooden litter for cats, small pets and birds. 100% natural. 100% pine and spruce wood. 100% biodegradable. Natural colour - without bleach! Extremely absorbent. Can be flushed in the toilet. Size: 7l
Comfy Alex Harness
List Price : R150.00
Price : R130.00
Comfy Alex - the set includes a harness and a leash for puppies and small adult dogs. Size 120cm
Comfy Softy Harnesh
List Price : R300.00
Price : R270.00
Comfy Softy - adjustable harness made of breathable material. Leash colour is Red/Black. Sizes: S 36x115cm, M 47x115cm
Comfy Monica Cat Collar
List Price : R60.00
Price : R50.00
Comfy Monica - decorated cat collars with a bell that will let you quickly locate your pet. Size: 31-1,1cm
Comfy Meg Dog Collar
List Price : R70.00
Price : R60.00
Comfy Meg - collars leashes decorated with paw-shaped reflectors. 24-50cm
Comfy Hedgehog Dog Toy
List Price : R80.00
Price : R70.00
Rubber dog toy with protrusions. Perfect for massaging gums and cleaning teeth. Available in two colours: Blue (14.5cm) and Red (11cm).
Comfy Cat Nippy Toy
List Price : R45.00
Price : R40.00
Toy for cats made of soft material. They have the form of mice with a length of 10.5 cm from the tails of cords. In the trunk of every toy has a special pocket used to hide portions of catnip, which is a natural attractant for the cats. This ensures long-term interest of the animal toy, making it stimulates them to be more physically active.
Comfy Meg Dog Leash
List Price : R130.00
Price : R110.00
Comfy Meg - leashes decorated with paw-shaped reflectors. Sizes: 120x1,5cm and 120x2cm
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