31 JUL 2016
Ideal Rabbit Accomodation
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Rabbits need a generous outdoor space to run around in and cosy indoor quarters where they can rest and find shelter. Providing them with this will allow them to express their natural patterns of behaviour and so lead happy, healthy lives.   Hutch/Shed and Runs Rabbits should be housed in a hutch or shed with a run permanently attached to it. The hutch/shed provides shelter; the run provides space for the rabbits to express natural behaviour such as running, digging, jumping and exploring. The two areas should be connected by a tunnel or the run built onto the front of the hutch/shed. The run can be on grass or concrete, if grass it's advisable to dig mesh under the grass to help prevent escapes and predators getting in. The minimum sizes recommend by animal welfare organizations for a small-medium pair of rabbits are: Hutches   2 metres long by 0.6 metres deep by 0.75 metres high All doors should have strong bolts on to keep safe from predators.. [More] rabbitshed.JPG
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30 JUL 2016
Why MarinePure Is Best Bio-Filter Media?
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Every aquarium, be it a marine tank or a freshwater aquarium, or a backyard pond, works on a similar principal where the confined environment strives to achieve a chemical balance, essential to sustain the life that they host. In order to maintain that equilibrium, we use different types of filter media in our filters. No matter the environment, the most important and efficient type of filtration is biological – colonies of beneficial bacteria that break down harmful ammonia (NH3) originating from uneaten food, fish waste, and other decaying matter, into less toxic Nitrites (NO2), and later to Nitrates (NO3), in a process known as the nitrogen cycle. These bacteria occupy all surfaces in a fish tank – aquarium glass, décor, plants, and, in reef tanks, live rock. The aquarist’s goal is to provide an optimal surface on which the bacteria to grow and the best way to build healthy colonies is the use various types of biological media. CerMedi.. [More] marinepurespheres3.jpg
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20 JUL 2016
Diagnosing Rabbit Dental Disease
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Rabbits are continuing to be seen in increasing numbers in veterinary clinics with dental disease. The main staple of a rabbit's diet should be grass and timothy hay. Your rabbit will consume a lot of hay daily; it’s vital for digestive health. When rabbits become adults, they will be able to eat some alfalfa hay (lucerne) on occasion, but young bunnies need to stick with timothy hay. Once the rabbit has snipped off that tasty dandelion, he uses his tongue to thrust it back to his cheek teeth. These are the grinding teeth that break the harsh fiber down into short sections that can be swallowed. Obviously this is hard work for the teeth, and constant chewing on fibrous grass or hay wears the teeth down. But happily, the teeth love a challenge and just grow a bit faster. However, the opposite is not true. If the rabbit eats a low-fiber diet and wears the crowns down less quickly, those stubborn old teeth just keep on growing. Signs of Overgrown Teeth Overg.. [More] rabbitdentalshealth.jpg
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