05 APR 2015
New Budget Aquael Aquarium Filters
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AQUAEL has launched a revolutionary new line of budget internal aquarium filters which will be available in South Africa towards the end of June 2015. The ASAP filters with affordable pricing between R200 and R350 will combine high performance and great usability features with a clever design that reduces the time required to do maintenance on your aquarium. The ASAP internal filters consists of a motor that uses very little electricity and placed in a stylish housing and a large transparent filter bowl filled with carefully chosen filtration sponge. The sponge is quickly populated by beneficial bacteria, so water passing through the filter undergoes biological as well as mechanical filtration. Thanks to this, your aquarium water remains clean and safe for your aquarium inhabitants. The filter requires two basic types of maintenance procedures. One consists in removing the filter bowl and replacing it with a new one (Aquael offers standard cartridges as well .. [More] AQUAELASAPfilterintank.jpg
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23 AUG 2014
Most Innovative Canister Filter
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Rethink filtration possibilities with greater energy efficiency and custom installation options. The innovative Aquael Midikani 800 canister filter employs the silent running Aquael Midikani inline pump that boasts dual internal (in tank) or external (out-of-tank) use while drawing just 6-watts of electricity! Unique filter design eliminates the bulky motor head to maximize space for filter media as well as enhance maintenance convenience. Enjoy cleaner, clearer aquarium water and routine filter maintenance that's a breeze! The Aquael Midikani 800 canister filter features four preloaded media chambers and a filter cover with a quick-release valve block that doubles as a filter output regulator. Simply turn the valve to adjust filter flow rate and a 90-degree turn of the valve completely stops water flow into the canister filter. Water flow is cleverly diverted back into your aquarium, allowing the pump to maintain vital circulation in your aquarium even as you disconnect .. [More] MIDIKANI blog.jpg
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24 MAY 2014
Reptiles As Pets
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In the past few years, a fascinating array of reptiles have become available in the South African pet trade. Reptiles can make excellent pets, but sometimes inexperienced owners are overwhelmed when the realize how expensive and difficult some reptiles are to care for. Unfortunately, many owners go home from pet stores with incomplete and even incorrect information on proper care of their reptiles, so end up surprised and unprepared when they find out what it really takes to care for their pets, in both time and cost. Unmet expectations and poor advice about care can result in a bad experience for the owner and can ultimately be fatal for the reptile. Some reptiles are poor choices for beginners, often due to diet or environmental needs or an unwieldy adult size. However, there are some readily available reptiles that are good for beginners. These animals are relatively low maintenance, compared to other reptiles, but they still need a significant investment in proper eq.. [More] reptiles as pets blog.jpg
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17 MAY 2014
Beautiful Reptile Terrariums
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What is a terrarium? A terrarium is a small contained eco-system used to grow plants. Small amphibians can be added, along with fish to make a rainforest type living habitat. The species of amphibians should be docile and reclusive such as frogs, toads, salamanders and newts. These amphibians remain small enough that they will not outgrow the terrarium. The type of plants used to fill your terrarium should be water loving bog plants. Moss, lichen, miniature ferns are good choices along with begonias and African violets. These soggy loving plants are manageable within a terrarium when pruned to prevent over growth. If fish are desired, add small species such as guppies. Guppies are great for terrariums since they eat water insects, waste matter and the mites that can breed within the moist environment. If fish are added to the amphibian terrarium, feed the amphibians often to keep them from eating the small fish as dinner. AQUAEL manufactures terrarium ki.. [More] ReptileTerrarium blog.jpg
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