26 JUL 2015
Pet Habitat At WODAC 2015 Pet Expo
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Pet Habitat attended the World of Dogs & Cats & Pet Exhibition (WODAC PET EXPO) from 18th -20th July 2015 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg. We had hundreds of visitors at our exhibition stand where we displayed a large range of products from Aquael, Pet Inn, Comfy, Rotastak, MarinePure and Burgess. South Africans discovered the possibilities, opportunities and rewards of pet ownership as they browsed through the Hall of Dogs, Hall of Cats, Hall of Reptiles and fell under the spell of the Magic of Horses. Also at the show were exotic pets, budgies and parrots, fish, koi, rabbits, pedigree rats to new breeds of imported guinea pigs. WODAC had something for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned pet parent or considering pet adoption for the first time. You could find everything from treats, toys and accessories to nutrition, health and wellness solutions at the show. We also had a visitor from Poland at our stan.. [More] wodac16leftside2.jpg
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26 JUL 2015
Understanding Guinea Pig Sounds
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Any guinea pig owner knows that their pets can make a variety of noises. But how well do you know your wheeks from your rumbles? Learning to understand the different noises your pets means that you can know what they need, as they need it. It’s a useful skill to have to result in even happier piggies. Prepare to become the piggy whisperer! Wheek Probably the most commonly known guinea pig noise, a wheek is a high pitched squeak that sounds exactly as it is spelt. This noise is often associated with excitement – and usually one that anticipates food is coming! If you have a regular time you feed your pigs, they are most likely to wheek the loudest at this time of day. If your pets see you walking over to them with food, or rustling with a bag that may contain their next tasty snack, a few wheeks will come in your direction! This sound is not exclusively related to food, and your guinea pigs may start wheeking when they are excited to see you. .. [More] guineapigbooboo1.jpg
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10 JUL 2015
How To Bond With Your Bunnies
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We always like to talk to you about making sure your rabbits aren’t alone. They are very social animals and should preferably be looked after in pairs or small groups. However, when you first foster rabbits and bring them to their new home, it’s important that you bond with them to have a good owner and pet relationship. First-time owners may be tempted to cuddle their rabbits to try and bond straight away but this can result in frightening them. Imagine if someone you didn’t know tried to hug you! What you need to do first is build trust. Please do not pick up your rabbits until they are comfortable with it. As they are prey animals the action may seem threatening to them. Take it slow When building your rabbits’ trust let them choose the pace. Don’t rush the process and be prepared to take out time every day to repeat this. They first need time to get used to their living area. Give your buns some space to get used to their ne.. [More] bunnybonding.jpg
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