08 MAR 2020
Cats And The Benefits Of Neutering
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Neutering is a simple operation that will not only stop unwanted pregnancies, but also benefit your cat’s overall health and wellbeing. Feline welfare charities such as Cats Protection and International Cat Care state that getting your cat neutered before they can breed is an essential part of responsible cat ownership. Providing there is no medical reason not to, a good time to neuter your kitten is at four months of age, before they start to become sexually mature – although cats can be neutered at any age.   There are many benefits to neutering, for both female and male cats. When in season, unneutered cats will have much more physical strain put on their bodies than neutered cats, due to the changes in their hormones, increased activity and restlessness. The challenges for unneutered cats Unneutered female cats are more likely to suffer from pyometria (an infection in their womb) and cancers of the ovaries, uterus and mammary glands later in life. Unne.. [More] catsbeingneutered.jpg
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07 MAR 2020
Pet Habitat Moves To Bellville South
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After five years in Atlas Gardens, we have decided to move to a much larger warehouse in Cape Town. Our new adress is 19 Brug street, Silo Exchange, Triangle Farm, Bellville South.   Over the past two months we delayed many of our shipments from our suppliers to ensure we do not have a lot of stock to move. We also consolidated all our stock tightly in boxes to ensure we do not waste any space in removal trucks. But it still ended with us doing four trips to get all our stock to our new location. Next week we have a 40ft container of Burgess stock arriving from UK and over the next three months, we have containers arriving from Carefresh, TOPs, Roudybush, Aquael, Pet Inn, Comfy and many more products.     ThumbnailRelocationToNewWarehousev2.png
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