26 MAR 2018
Keeping Your Dog Safe When Travelling On The Road
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South Africa’s majestic landscapes, pristine seascapes and excellent roads make it an excellent choice for those seeking to enjoy the ultimate in freedom travel: a road trip. With stunning places to visit such as the lush Knysna Forest, the stunning Marakele National Park or the rugged Wild Coast, road trips are the perfect way to throw caution to the wind and bond with family members - logically, this includes your dog! In this post we focus on a few safety issues to watch out for, so that  driving ‘into the wild’ with man’s best friend is a totally stress-free experience.     Reducing Anxiety in Dogs   Road travel can be anxious for dogs who are not used to being in cars. Therefore, from the time your pooch is a pup, it is important to take him for rides in your car, which increase in length. Don’t fear if your dog is an adult, though; desensitise him to his fear if it exists, by taking him for very short driv.. [More] dogoutside.jpg
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10 MAR 2018
Anxiety Issues In Today’s Pets
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With anxiety in humans on the rise, it is hardly surprising that anxiety is now a huge issue for many pets.  Dogs, in particular, are often afflicted.  This can be triggered by loud noises e.g. fireworks or thunderstorms, being alone and also by social interactions with other dogs.  Depending on each individual dog, they may be affected by one or more triggers.       When feeling anxious dogs often bark, pace, pant, and lick excessively.  In addition, they can exhibit destructive or aggressive behaviour.  One treatment that often helps break the trigger/reaction cycle is the use of calming sprays and wipes or plug-in diffusers which can alter the brain’s neuro-transmitters thereby deflecting the anxiety state.     Super hearing, super pets   The amazing hearing capabilities of dogs and cats, where sound is perceived as 5 times louder than for humans, may well account for the fact that.. [More] dogstressed.jpg
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03 MAR 2018
Muesli Style Diets Are Unhealthy
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Selective feeding occurs when rabbits choose some components of the muesli diet in preference to others. Rabbits will naturally select the higher energy (high sugar or starch elements) and reject the pellets. This results in an unbalanced diet, as the pellets are often supplemented with minerals and vitamins as well as often being high in fibre.   Selective feeding increases the risk of the problems below:​ - dental disease - gut stasis and other digestive problems - fly strike - reduced fibre intake - reduced water intake Rabbits fed muesli style diets eat less hay leading to a reduced fibre intake. These issues have been highlighted in research supported by Burgess Pet Care. The results have been published in peer reviewed journals. As a result of this research Burgess stopped producing muesli style diets in 2013 and we have continued to educate vets, retailers and rabbit owners on the importance of correct nutrition for rabbits and guinea pigs.. [More] rabbitseatingfood.jpg
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