12 FEB 2017
Stop Feeding Muesli To Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
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We would like to urge all rabbit and guinea pig owners to stop feeding their pets muesli-based foods in an effort to improve their diets. Please dump the junk. There is no such thing as a healthy muesli food. Muesli-style foods, which can contain flaked maize, peas, pellets, grains and seeds, are extremely low in fibre and have been shown to increase the risk of serious illness in rabbits and guinea pigs, with the PDSA PAW Report 2013 stating they are the cause of deadly dental and digestive problems.   Burgess was one of the first pet food manufacturers to create a nugget food for rabbits and guinea pigs – combining all essential nutrients as well as hay into one pelleted food. We think pet owners should ditch plain grains in favour of nutritionally rich nuggets that aid digestion and dental health. Any changes to your pet’s diet should be done over time though so not to upset their digestion. “Ever since Burgess introduced the UK’s first nugget .. [More] guineapigfoodbowl.jpg
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12 FEB 2017
Should You Bath Your Guinea Pigs?
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How often should you bath your guinea pigs? Once a week? Once a year? Never? Do they need a daily brush? What about nail clipping? And what should you do about their grease gland? Here’s some essential information to help you keep your guinea pigs in tip top condition… Time for a bath? Unless your vet advises a bath to get rid of a bad case of lice, then guinea pigs, who are fastidiously clean creatures and excellent self-groomers, should never need a bath. If a bath is required, ask your veterinary nurse for advice, as guinea pigs find it very stressful. Use a shallow pan, which you need to fill with warm water, being careful not to have it too hot. You should only wash their body, being careful not to get any water or shampoo in their ears and eyes – and only use vet-prescribed specialist shampoo as human products can trigger an allergic reaction. You then need to rinse off your pet very thoroughly before gently towel drying them and keeping them i.. [More] guineapigpair3.jpg
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