30 AUG 2014
A Quick Guide to Feeding Hay
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It’s funny how some of the most iconic stories and images we have in our minds of rabbits involve them eating vegetables (think Peter Rabbit or Bugs Bunny). They certainly do love treats like carrot tops, but these are treats only. Rabbits, like other fibrevores, need a great deal more than vegetables to survive. And mostly what they need are grasses and hay. Who and What Are Fibrevores? Fibrevores is a bit of a funny term isn’t it? And, it’s hardly one of the terms we learn in school; instead we’re treated to carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. So, let’s work with what we know. Fibrevores are herbivores – they don’t eat any meat. But, they’re a tad more specialised than that. They have developed a strong, overwhelming need for fibre. Fibre, of course, is found in grains and grasses. Of course, we have it added to some of our foods to keep us moving, but for the most part, fibrevores get their daily intake o.. [More] rabbiteatinghay.jpg
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30 AUG 2014
How To Cycle A New Fish Tank
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When researching your new fish tank, a phrase that is bound to come up is Fishless Cycling. It’s not a phrase with the most obvious meaning (especially to a novice), so finding out what it is, how it works and why you should be doing it can be a little daunting.  New Tank Syndrome Before you can properly understand Fishless Cycling, we need to take a look at New Tank Syndrome, the solution for which is often referred to as Fishless Cycling. New tank syndrome often refers to the problem faced by most tanks shortly after set-up, where the tank has insufficient cultures of beneficial bacteria present within the filter and live rock/substrate to deal with the increased ammonia levels caused by the fish in the tank. Ammonia is present because it is expelled by your fish as waste bio-product,eg excrement etc. High levels of it can be really bad for your aquarium, burning your fish’s scales due to its alkaline nature, inhibiting your fishes ability.. [More] fishlesscycle.jpg
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27 AUG 2014
Caring For Guinea Pigs
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Did you fall in love with guinea pigs the first time you saw one? You wouldn’t be the first person that happened to; nor will you be the last. These simultaneously inquisitive and timid creatures are set to melt hearts forever. That’s because they’re wonderfully adorable! Although, you should never make the mistake of ignoring the basic needs of your guinea pigs – or you’ll be left with a broken heart. Not sure what your guinea pig needs are? Just follow this simple guide, and your guinea pigs will fall in love with you as quickly as you’ve grown attached to them. Adopt a Pair Guinea pigs hate to live alone. And, before you retort with the fact that you live there too, that’s not exactly the company that your little piggy needs. Okay, your guinea pigs will grow to love being with you, but it’s not normal for them to have people (as it’s become normal for people to have pets). In the wild, guinea pigs live in .. [More] guineapigcare.jpg
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23 AUG 2014
Looking After Your Coral
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If you are keeping a marine tank, the chances are that one of the most potentially beautiful and intriguing things about it, is the coral that you keep. With so many colourful varieties on offer, in different shapes and sizes, they are often the most stunning feature of your tank. Perhaps more importantly, is the functions of coral in your tank. When coral is done right, it becomes the life-force of your tank, becoming the home to many reef fish and aquatic vegetation, including beneficial bacteria that act as a filter within your aquarium keeping the water quality better for all the other colourful critters in your tank. While some corals require a lot of experience, keeping care of simple coral is easy when you know how, so let’s look at the best ways to let coral thrive in your tank and how to set it up so your coral is at its’ glorious best. Lighting Providing your coral with the right amount of light is absolutely essential to coral survival.. [More] CORALS.jpg
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23 AUG 2014
Most Innovative Canister Filter
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Rethink filtration possibilities with greater energy efficiency and custom installation options. The innovative Aquael Midikani 800 canister filter employs the silent running Aquael Midikani inline pump that boasts dual internal (in tank) or external (out-of-tank) use while drawing just 6-watts of electricity! Unique filter design eliminates the bulky motor head to maximize space for filter media as well as enhance maintenance convenience. Enjoy cleaner, clearer aquarium water and routine filter maintenance that's a breeze! The Aquael Midikani 800 canister filter features four preloaded media chambers and a filter cover with a quick-release valve block that doubles as a filter output regulator. Simply turn the valve to adjust filter flow rate and a 90-degree turn of the valve completely stops water flow into the canister filter. Water flow is cleverly diverted back into your aquarium, allowing the pump to maintain vital circulation in your aquarium even as you disconnect .. [More] MIDIKANI blog.jpg
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18 AUG 2014
Enrichment Ideas for Small Furries
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A lot of importance is placed on the diets we feed our pets and the homes we provide for them. In fact, sometimes it seems like that’s all the information that we have on our small furries. Of course, that’s hardly the case. If you’ve got a small furry (from a hamster to a rabbit), consider these ideas to entertain and enrich the lives of your pets. Hamsters – These are some of the smallest pets you’ll find, and they’re also some of the easiest to provide enriching activities for. That’s because they’ll play with just about anything they can get their tiny hands on. Unfortunately, they will want to do most of their playing while you are asleep, so the best time to interact with these pets is just before you go to bed (that’s breakfast time for your small furries). This is the perfect time to watch your pets scamper around in hamster balls; they’ll enjoy it just as much as you. And, once you do head off to bed, you.. [More] chinchillaplaying.jpg
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18 AUG 2014
New Aquael Products At Interzoo 2014
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This year, AQUAEL celebrated its 30th anniversary at INTERZOO 2014, which was held in Nuremberg, Germany between May 29th and June 1st, where they presented their latest innovative new products. Visitors were shown the new OXYBOOST PLUS aerators that are even quieter and more reliable than their predecessors; the tiny FZN MINI internal filters specially designed for small aquariums; the exclusive GLOSSY aquarium sets that combine unmatched stylishness with high functionality (e.g. one can easily install additional lighting units in the tank); and the power-saving LEDDY SMART aquarium sets. Great interest was also aroused by product modifications: the upgraded line of the SHRIMP SET SMART aquarium sets designed for shrimps and small fish and equipped with the energy-efficient LEDDY SMART lamp based on LED technology and the large REEFMAX XL marine aquarium set with LED lighting built into the lid. Three new nano aquariums called SHRIMP SET SMART, equipped.. [More] AQUAEL INTERZOO 2014 new products.jpg
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15 AUG 2014
Gut Stasis In Rabbits - A Big Challenge
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Gut stasis is the number one motility disorder of rabbits and is a potentially deadly condition in which the digestive system slows down or stops completely. Bad bacteria then builds up in the intestines and releases gas into the system, causing very painful bloating and further decreasing a rabbit’s motivation to eat or drink. This compounds the problem because the rabbit will become more dehydrated and starved of essential nutrients and roughage. The contents of the digestive tract will become more compact, and the rabbit will have an even more difficult time passing it through. The bacteria can also release toxins into the system which overtax the liver and can cause the organ to ultimately fail. Motility Disorders - Some essential facts A rabbit not eating will develop hypomotility Reduced gut movements will cause anorexia Gastric stasis causes dehydra.. [More] rabbit in arms-of-vet.jpg
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15 AUG 2014
Aquascaping With Small Nano Tanks
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Tiny aquatic gardens are all the rage; perfect for the aquarist with limited space, or for those who simply enjoy the aesthetic of a scale-model planted layout, with all the benefits and challenges that come with it. Most people get started in the hobby with the typical 30 or 72 litre tank because these sizes are widely available as inexpensive starter kits. Those who get hooked on the hobby quickly find that this not enough, and the desire for a bigger tank sets in. For some a 112 litre tank may be enough, while others lust after a 240 or even 375 litre tank. Big tanks can be a lot of fun, and larger systems are often more stable than small ones, but big tanks are also a lot of work and are more expensive to set up, stock, and maintain. Whatever the reason, in recent years, nano tanks have become a popular alternative to explore the hobby in greater depth, particularly for those of us interested in aquatic gardening. What’s a Nano Tank, and Why B.. [More] shrimpset_nano_aquascape.jpg
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14 AUG 2014
Clicker Training Your Rabbit
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Clicker training your rabbits happens the same way it does for dogs and other animals. It is simply a matter of getting your rabbit to associate the clicker with a treat. From this point, it is possible to introduce the cue for a desired action (such as “come”, or “stand”) before clicking; this enables your rabbit to discern key words and the actions that go with them. To begin with clicker training, you will need to have a supply of fresh, tasty treats available along with your clicker. With your rabbit nearby, make noise with the clicker, and then wait just a second, so the sound has a chance to register. Then, reward your rabbit with a treat. Wait until the treat is gone and repeat the action. Once your bunny associates the click with a treat, you can be more discerning about how and when you offer it. If, for example, you want to get your rabbit to come on command, you should wait for your rabbit to approach. When she does, click and rewar.. [More] rabbit sitting-on-table-in-garden.jpg
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