25 SEP 2016
Preventing Nasty Hamster Cage Smells
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Hamsters can make great pets because they're cute, interactive, easy to care for, and fun to watch. One of the drawbacks of having a rodent as a pet, however, is managing odours of both the pet and its habitat. It's usually his urine that stinks so bad. If the smell of your pet hamster's urine is the first thing you notice when you enter the room you keep him in, chances are you need to change how you are taking care of your pet. Hamsters are not smelly animals -- they're super-clean -- but their cages can develop a serious odour problem if you aren't taking measures to keep bad smells at bay. You can minimize unpleasant smells by understanding the different bedding and substrate options and maintaining an appropriate and effective weekly cleaning schedule of the cage. Normal Urine Odours Urinating is one of your hamster's way of removing waste from his body. Urine is a sterile fluid that primarily contains water along with various salts, minerals, toxins, sugar.. [More] hamstersmells.jpg
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16 SEP 2016
Why Roudybush Is Best Diet For Birds?
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For decades the standard diet for most birds kept in captivity has been a mixture of seeds and nuts. This diet was based on the assumption that this is what these birds eat in their natural environment. Over the past several years more information about what these birds actually eat in the wild as well as research on their actual nutritional requirements has become available. This new information coupled with better documentation of avian health problems by veterinary and aviculture professionals has made it clear that these diets are harmful; however many people continue to feed these seed and nut based diets without proper supplementation. Further, proper supplementation may be hard to achieve. Supplements like mineral blocks, cuttle bones, fortified seeds, and vitamins in the water rely on the bird’s willingness to choose the appropriate things to eat and in the proper quantities. Birds typically eat to fulfill an energy (calorie) requirement and will choose the highest energy.. [More] whyroudybush.jpg
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