16 JUN 2019
TOPs Parrot Food Now in South Africa
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TOP's pellets were developed in 2003 by avian nutritionists, including Dr. Alicia McWatters, to be the best diet on the market. TOP's pellets are cold-pressed (not extruded or baked) to keep natural enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients intact. Like you, TOPs are passionate about parrots of all sizes and care deeply about their nutrition.   TOP's mission is to provide you and your companion parrots with the highest quality food available, that's why TOPs use only locally-sourced, all-natural organic, and GMO-free ingredients from carefully chosen suppliers for their specialized pellets and seed mixes. You'll never see any dyes, artificial ingredients or fillers, like corn or soy, in their products. Afterall, healthy food makes healthy birds and our wish is for you and your parrot to have a long, happy and fulfilling friendship together. TOP's Parrot Food products are Non-GMO and made with 100% pure ingredients, including organic components and sus.. [More] IMG_3826.JPG
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15 JUN 2019
Kamoer X1 A Flawless Bluetooth Dosing Pump
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The Kamoer X1 is a wirelessly controlled single channel dosing pump and the natural evolution of what these standalone dosers should be. Without any button, screen or any kind of physical way to interface with the a Kamoer X1 pump, all interactions are performed through the Kamoer bluetooth app.   The pump itself is hardly more than a small box with a tiny peristaltic pump head, an input for power, a power output for daisy chaining multiple pumps, and just one single indicator LED to display connection status. The quick-disconnect peristaltic pump head is a must for keeping dosing pumps like these in working order so it will be a great convenience for user of the Kamoer X1. The world of reef aquarium products has reached a level of level of refinement across many different devices but usually the software and wireless connection is the part that suffers. Thankfully, we are happy to report that the Kamoer X1 connected to the app near instantaneously and the app is streaml.. [More] kamoer-x1-dosing-pump-770x504.jpg
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