27 MAY 2021
Healthy Treats For Rabbits & Guinea Pigs
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If you already own rabbits or guinea pigs, you know that feeding them is not always so straightforward. In the wild, their eating habits include grass, tree bark and twigs. Domestic rabbits and guinea pigs need a similar fibre-filled diet from a range of sources. They need a balanced diet of 85-90% hay, supplemented by nuggets, fresh greens and fresh water.   Treats are suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs in moderation but you don’t have to go down the route of a sugary, unhealthy snack. Treats should be packed full of fibre and should include ingredients they would find in the wild. You can find delicious snacks made from natural ingredients such as wild grass, dandelion, dried apple, herbs and flowers – and these include our Burgess Excel Nature Snacks range too.  Although they might appear to love sugary treats, rabbits and guinea pigs need lots of fibre in their diet to keep their digestive system healthy. Therefore, it is important to make sure tha.. [More] newburgessnaturesnack2021.jpg
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11 MAY 2021
Hamster Health Checks
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These small, special animals rely on us to ensure they’re healthy and happy. As well as providing nutritious hamster food and creating a suitable hamster habitat for them to thrive in, there are some important health checks that you should carry out regularly to ensure your hamster is in the clear.   Getting to know your hamster’s normal behaviour and habits will help you be able to spot if something is not quite right. This is very important because, as the RSPCA points out: “Hamsters can become unwell and go downhill very quickly, but may often only show subtle signs of being in pain or distress, or that they are suffering, until it is very severe.” As well as providing suitable accommodation, company of their own kind (it’s only the Syrian hamster that prefers to go it alone) and the right nutrition, there are some regular checks that you can carry out to ensure your hamster is hale and hearty. And, by doing this, you’ll also be able.. [More] HamsterHealthchecks.jpg
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07 MAY 2021
EA Launches Tempest Filter For Ponds
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Award winning aquatics company Evolution Aqua have launched a new, innovative polisher for ponds, the Tempest. The Tempest filter uses Evolution Aqua’s K+Media to deliver crystal clear, healthy water. Designed to be used in conjunction with any filtration system, the Tempest offers additional mechanical and biological filtration. The Tempest filter can also be used on quarantine systems or as a standalone filter on smaller ponds up to 5,000 Litres.   The Tempest filter is easy to install and is simple and quick to clean, by way of a unique, patent pending air syphon design. During the cleaning process, air is drawn into the filter as it empties which causes the water to agitate, effectively cleaning the K+Media. Using Evolution Aqua’s K+Media as the filter media, particles down to one micron can be filtered. Not only that, K+Media is the result of extensive research and development, moulded with minerals for faster maturation times. Evolution Aqua filter me.. [More] EA_Tempest.jpg
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