14 JUN 2014
Finding The Right Hamster Cage
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There is a huge variety of hamsters cages on the market, but not all cages are created equally. Most of the cages that are sold as 'hamster cages' are actually suitable for dwarf hamsters and don't provide enough floor space for the larger species of syrian hamster, or have components that aren't safe for a larger hamster. A cage is the most important investment you'll make for your hamster, so you want to choose wisely. There are various hamster housing options, each with pros and cons. To find the right one for your hamster, consider factors such as species type, safety, maintenance, budget, and above all, size. A rule that you must always follow: Syrian hamsters cannot be housed together! They are territorial, solitary animals and will fight and inflict serious wounds to each other if not kept apart. They can, however, be kept near each other in separate housing. Dwarf hamsters MIGHT be kept together in same-sex housing. Size it up In the wild, hamsters h.. [More] types of hamster cages.jpg
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30 MAY 2014
Create Perfect Hamster Home
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Create the perfect hamster home with Rotastak hamster cages! These cages are vivid and colourful, making them the ideal choice for younger hamster owners that want much more than a standard hamster cage! The brilliant thing about Rotastak hamster cages though, is that you can buy a whole range of add ons and extras to create your very own hamster paradise that your small pet will love – they’re suitable for gerbils and mice too. So what are the necessities of a hamster cage? Rotastak hamster cages provide everything your hamster needs to be happy and healthy: a water bottle, separate sleeping area, facilities to exercise and a main room where your hamster can scurry around and hide food as they would in the wild.          So when you buy a Rotastak hamster cage you already have everything you need to provide the perfect home for your hamster. Now you’re free to expand it as you want! With tunnels, .. [More] rotastak home3.jpg
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28 MAR 2014
Rotastak For Your Hamster
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Rotastak hamster cages are an extremely popular form of housing and along with Critter Trail, Ferplast, Pet Inn and Habitrail is one of the leading brands when it comes to hamster habitation. For those that aren’t aware, Rotastak hamster cages utilize modules that can be fixed to each other so that you can modify and extend your hamster’s world with new and interesting add-ons or accessories. This variety and flexibility makes it possible to build a home for your hamster that is only limited by your imagination, ensuring that your pet has a fun place to exercise and will always be stimulated to explore. Step 1: Getting Started There are numerous Rotastak Hamster cages available from Pet Habitat, from the Natro 100 Starter Kit, to the larger Rotastak Space Command. Your choice is likely to be determined by your budget and personal preference, whether you like a specific theme like Rotastak Space Command or want a Rotastak Pink Palace for your hamster. .. [More] rotastak_products.jpg
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22 FEB 2014
Rotastak Now In South Africa
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Rotastak hamster cages are finally available in South Africa from Pet Habitat. Every day is an adventure with Rotastak Hamster cages helping you create, easy to clean, natural habitats for your pet. Rodents are natural explorers and love to burrow and tunnel. Rotastak hamster cages let your pet feel at home by mimicking rodent burrows in the wild. With the various Rotastak adventure cages your small pet will never be bored by a night-in. Rotastak Hamster Cages are made in Nottingham, UK, by Armitages Pet Products Ltd. The range is designed to be inter-compatible, meaning that (with the correct tubes) you can expand your hamster cage by joining two or more units together. Each of the Rotastak cages comes with its own full colour assembly instructions and can be connected together with special sectional tubing. To help protect the ends of these tubes it is recommended that you use protective anti-gnaw rings. Rotastak cages are available in various colourful, them.. [More] rotastak sa.jpg
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