24 JUN 2014
Endangered Western Leopard Toad
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The Western Leopard Toad is classified according to the IUCN Red List as an Endangered species. It lives in Cape Town and the Agulhas Plain. As such it shares its home with millions of Capetonians. As toads go, it is larger than most and exquisitely marked. It happily co-exists with humans in the suburbs, and would be just another beautiful inhabitant of Cape Town if it were not for the fact that it is an explosive breeder! Every year, for a few days usually in August, toady goes a courting. This is unusual in that it is confined to less than a week a year. Thousands of toads migrate to suitable ponds. There the males snore and fight for the females. The females lay their eggs and depart, migrating back to their gardens. The exhausted males follow later when no more females arrive at the pools. Again, this would be perfectly natural were it not for the fact that we have built roads and highways all around their breeding ponds. And so every year there is a proble.. [More] western leopard toads.JPG
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13 JUN 2014
Aquael Celebrates 30 Years
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This year, AQUAEL celebrated its thirtieth anniversary. To mark the occasion, the company  prepared a number of exciting events for its customers and fans. Anniversary celebrations fitted in with the company's participation in the International Trade Fair for Pet Supplies – INTERZOO 2014, which was held in Nuremberg, Germany between May 29th and June 1st. The company presented its latest products at the 120-meter Stand 528 in the prestigious Hall 1. Visitors' attention was compelled by several novelty products: the new OXYBOOST PLUS aerators that are even quieter and more reliable than their predecessors; the tiny FZN MINI internal filters specially designed for small aquariums; the exclusive GLOSSY aquarium sets that combine unmatched stylishness with high functionality (e.g. one can easily install additional lighting units in the tank); the power-saving LEDDY SMART aquarium sets. Great interest was also aroused by product modifications: the upgraded line o.. [More] aquael 30th1.jpg
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04 JUN 2014
Interzoo 2014 Nuremburg
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Interzoo is the world's largest trade fair for pet supplies and ended on June 1, 2014, with more than 37,000 visitors from more than 120 countries attending—2% more than in 2012, according to organizers. Those in attendance brought themselves up-to-date on everything the world has to offer in pet supplies at the 33rd international tradeshow, held in Nuremberg. About 1,700 exhibitors (up 10% from 2012) from 63 countries showed their range of petfood, grooming supplies and accessories on over 110,000 square meters of exhibition space. “The proportion of exhibitors from abroad rose to 82%," said Hans-Jochen Büngener, chairman of the Interzoo Exhibition Committee. "Most exhibitors came from the following countries: Germany, China, USA, Italy, United Kingdom and Netherlands.” The fair’s international representation went up 3% over 2012 numbers. Sixty-nine percent of the show’s visitors came from abroad: According to the prelimi.. [More] interzoo 2014 blog.jpg
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24 MAY 2014
UK Stores Phase Out Rabbit Muesli
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FANTASTIC NEWS! New research conducted by The University of Edinburgh & Burgess Pet Care has shown that rabbits fed on a muesli diet are more likely to suffer from dental and digestive problems. Pets at Home have taken a HUGE step by announcing the following: “We’re phasing out rabbit muesli in our stores & advising all our rabbit customers to transition onto rabbit nuggets and hay.”     Why are Pets at Home discontinuing rabbit muesli? Pets at Home the largest pet retailer in the UK with more than 360 stores support the latest thinking in pet welfare standards and this decision has been taken in light of the weight of feeling amongst the veterinary community towards the feeding of muesli based diets, and their potential negative effects on the health of rabbits. What is selective feeding? A muesli diet consists of lots of different ingredients that make up the mix. A rabbit fed on muesli may pick out their favour.. [More] pets at home.jpg
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01 MAY 2014
Burgess Now in South Africa
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The health and well-being of your small animal is of utmost importance to Burgess Excel. Using only high quality ingredients, Burgess Excel is a top Vet recommended food product range developed in collaboration with veterinarians to ensure up to date nutrition and health benefits. Burgess is a company of pet lovers and owners and they are passionate about all furry pets. They are committed to making the lives of pets better. Of course, they aim to do this through making great food that's good for their health as well as being deliciously tasty. But Burgess are equally committed to helping and supporting rescue centres as well as encouraging responsible pet ownership through education. They supply pet stores with pamplets so that customers can learn how to properly care for their furry animals and also provide the correct, healthy nutrition. A British, family owned company Being a family company, Burgess has strong family values. This high regard they have for their.. [More] excel blog.jpg
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