30 NOV 2014
Starting Your First Planted Aquarium
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Setting up a planted aquarium may seem like a big task to start with which may put some people off, but you can make a basic planted tank very easily and the extra maintenance is worth it for a beautiful and more natural aquarium. For a basic tank, we will start with a low-tech aquarium such as Aquael Shrimpset and Brillux tanks – leaving out CO2. This will mean that your planted aquarium will take longer to grow and you may not be able to grow certain plants, but is much easier for a beginner. You do not have to do any water testing or changes, do not have to prune your plants as much and algae growth is much slower. If you are happy to put up with a bit more hassle and want your tank to grow quicker, then we would recommend including CO2 in your planted aquarium set-up. There are a few steps you must follow to get started with your planted aquarium. It may be worth having a rough vision of what you would like to achieve before you start to make sure you get t.. [More] plantedtank1.jpg
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30 NOV 2014
Tips For Bonding Your Rabbit
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If you haven’t yet adopted a rabbit, your very best bet is to ensure that you bring home a bonded pair. This will save you plenty of time – and perhaps a few tears too. That’s because bonding a pair of rabbits can take anywhere between two weeks and a few months. It all depends on the pair. Of course, once they have bonded, you’ll find it’s impossible to separate them. If you’re looking to bond an existing pet with a new rabbit, you should consider adopting your new family member from a shelter. Not only is the staff at rescue shelters exceptionally knowledgeable about bonding procedures, but you’ll also be offering a special rabbit a new lease on life. This will also enable you to introduce your rabbit to many possible friends, allowing him to choose the bunny he’s most interested in spending his time with. What Can You Do to Bond Your Rabbits? For a start, it is important to realise that bonding doesn’t happen i.. [More] rabbitsbonding3.jpg
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30 NOV 2014
Can A Cat Live With A Hamster?
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This week we were asked… “My partner and I have been thinking about adopting a cat but I already have a hamster. Is this safe?” Here is our advice to you! We would all love to adopt as many animals as possible but first it’s worth asking yourself if those pets will get along. This mostly depends on the individual pets and their personalities. As you already have a hamster, it may be the case that a new cat will see the home as the hamster’s territory before their own and have no problem by living in the same space. On the other hand make sure you never underestimate your cat no matter how friendly and approachable it may be to you! Cats and hamsters can live in the same house without any problems. However we suggest taking the following precautions for the safety and comfort of your pet before welcoming another animal into your home.  Firstly, before you make the decision on adopting a cat ensure that if the two pets do not ge.. [More] hamsterandcat.jpg
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