27 OCT 2019
New Life Spectrum Naturox Fish Food
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Last year New Life Spectrum announced it was making some changes to its fish food. In this video released recently, the company discusses the changes.   First off? Squid. They added squid along with whole antarctic krill for both the high protein content, rich omega-3 and no bones to content with. Another positive change was to cut down on starch by using bentonite clay as a binder. Besides cutting down on starches, bentonite clay has been used in aquariums and koi ponds for its other benefits. The levels are probably too low for this type of dosing, but good to know they made this switch. Additionally, they added ginger along with garlic to boost immunity and overall health of fish. Probably the biggest change is the switch to naturox, a natural plant-based preservative. This replaces ethoxyquin that has a controversial reputation in the pet food industry because of its use in making rubber and some pesticides. Although the company notes ethoxyquin is considered sa.. [More] newlifenaturox.png
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18 OCT 2019
How To Set Up A Marine Aquarium
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A saltwater aquarium is often the pinnacle of every fish keepers’ dreams. The fascinating array of colours and behaviours, coupled with unique invertebrates and corals, can create a beautiful showpiece in any home. Marine aquariums are often accompanied with the preconception that they are harder to keep than freshwater setups. While marine fish are a little less tolerant of poor water quality, the same basic principles of care and maintenance apply to both.   Choosing the Marine Aquarium - Size, Shape & Positioning Marine aquariums can come in an array of shapes and sizes. A trip to your local specialist marine retailer will give you the chance to see the latest aquariums the hobby has to offer. A traditional marine setup would consist of an aquarium on a cabinet containing another aquarium inside (the sump filter). This modular filtration system suits marines as it allows most of the equipment to be hidden underneath the main aquarium. The water will drain f.. [More] startmarinetank.png
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13 OCT 2019
Safety Tips For Travelling With Pets
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Pet ownership in South Africa is on the rise with an estimated 9.2 million dogs residing in South African households, according to a 2016 survey. As a result, many South African motorists regularly drive with their pets on board when running errands in their neighbourhoods or even when taking long road trips. Taking pets on trips provides mental stimulation and gives them a chance to experience different environments.   However, what seems to be a fun experience for you and your pet can quickly turn tragic if you don't take the necessary safety precautions. Luckily, there are many things you can do to ensure you and your pet always make it to your destinations safe and sound. Have the right vehicle    Not all vehicles will be comfortable for your furry friend. If you know that you will be travelling regularly with your pet, you should have a vehicle that is well-equipped to suit your pet's needs. For instance, if you own a .. [More] travellingdog.jpg
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12 OCT 2019
Introducing The Aquarium Starter Kit
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The starter kit from NT Labs contains the two products needed to get your aquarium up and running and is safe for fish. NT Labs created a product that will help make setting up a new aquarium easy for new fishkeepers.   This new product will provide you with the essential products and a step by step guide helping you set up your new freshwater aquarium. The aquarium starter kit contains a 30ml bottle of Tap Water Safe and a 30ml bottle of Filter Starter. Simply follow the instructions on the box (shown below), and then enjoy your new aquarium! Once all of the aquarium gravel, decorations and hardware have been washed and placed in the aquarium, fill your aquarium with tap water. Add 5ml per 25 litres of Tap Water Safe to the aquarium. Switch on the lights, filter (and if starting a tropical aquarium, a heater set to 22-25°C.) Once the water is at the right temperature, your aquarium is ready for a few fish. Ask your retailer about the best fish to.. [More] introduceaquariumstarterkit.png
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