11 AUG 2016
Are Fruit & Veggies Safe For Chinchillas?
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Recent scientific studies in 2013 revealed that chinchillas can live happily on just high quality hay and water for a balanced diet. If you feel you must feed some commercial food, then it must be rationed. Only a heaped tablespoon of high fibre pellets/nuggets must be fed daily to an adult chinchilla which will provide the essential digestible fibre. The rest of the day, the chinchilla will spend eating a long fibre hay which will provide the essential indigestible fibre to keep their digestive system moving and to maintain the right balance of intestinal bacteria. So is it necessary to feed them some fruit and vegetables as well? According to RSPCA and PDSA (People's Dispensary For Sick Animals), fresh food should only take up less than 10% of a chinchilla’s diet, so don’t offer too much because if they eat too much of any fruit and vegetable, they are likely to get a upset stomach. But the right kind of fruit or vegetable can make a tasty treat for a chinchil.. [More] Chinchillaeatingherbs.jpg
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07 AUG 2016
Problem With Feeding Birds A Seed Diet
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Although seeds are a convenient and affordable option when it comes to feeding your pet bird, they actually aren’t the best in terms of nutrition, and feeding a diet made up exclusively of seeds can result in a number of health problems, including cardiovascular issues and malnutrition, in the long run. Obesity and fatty liver disease is also caused by feeding too much seeds. This disease causes large amounts of fat to be deposited in the liver which eventually loses the ability to function properly. This serious condition is most common in Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Budgies, Amazons, Lovebirds, and Quakers. It’s All About Variety and Whole Foods When it comes to avian care and nutrition, things are more complicated than they appear on the surface, and while you may have thought that purchasing seeds from your local pet store was enough to keep your feathered friend happy and healthy, the truth is your bird’s diet should contain a lot more variety in or.. [More] budgiesdiet.jpg
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07 AUG 2016
What Is Best Hamster Bedding?
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There are two types of bedding materials you need for a hamster. One is the material that goes down on the floor of the cage and the other type is a nesting material that goes into the sleeping house. There are dozens of different kinds of hamster bedding out there which may include wood, paper, straw and grains in the form of shavings, pellets or stripes. But what is the best hamster bedding? Some of the bedding out there is great for your furry little hamster, but some kinds are just downright terrible for keeping a hamster happy and healthy. Deciding on which type of bedding to get depends on a few factors including: the type of cage you have and the type of hamster you have. But really, it’s a kind of a trial and error process. Some hamsters might have allergies to certain types or they might like to eat other types. Additionally, some might just be messier with their bedding than others. The amount that should be placed into the bottom of the cage depends on.. [More] hamsterincarefresh.jpg
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