28 MAR 2014
Rotastak For Your Hamster
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Rotastak hamster cages are an extremely popular form of housing and along with Critter Trail, Ferplast, Pet Inn and Habitrail is one of the leading brands when it comes to hamster habitation. For those that aren’t aware, Rotastak hamster cages utilize modules that can be fixed to each other so that you can modify and extend your hamster’s world with new and interesting add-ons or accessories. This variety and flexibility makes it possible to build a home for your hamster that is only limited by your imagination, ensuring that your pet has a fun place to exercise and will always be stimulated to explore. Step 1: Getting Started There are numerous Rotastak Hamster cages available from Pet Habitat, from the Natro 100 Starter Kit, to the larger Rotastak Space Command. Your choice is likely to be determined by your budget and personal preference, whether you like a specific theme like Rotastak Space Command or want a Rotastak Pink Palace for your hamster. .. [More] rotastak_products.jpg
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