29 JUN 2014
Potty Training A Hamster
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Believe it or not, it is possible to train you hamster to potty in one spot. Because hamsters are clean animals, they generally go to the bathroom in one spot anyway, so all you have to do is find that corner and train him to use the litter box instead of the cage. This will make your cleaning schedule a little easier. Plus, it will confine the waste to one spot that can be emptied frequently and easily. The cage will be cleaner, it will have less ammonia, and it will smell less. Potty training a hamster is ideal for you and the hamster. It may take a little time, but in the end, it is definitely worth it. We will explain what you'll need and and tips for training your hamster how to use the litter box. Litter Box for a Hamster When training your hamster how to use a litter box, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment. The good thing is, finding a hamster potty is not that hard to do, as most pet stores and online pet supply websites will .. [More] hamster home.jpg
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29 JUN 2014
Chinchillas And Hay
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Chinchillas are attractive pets – they’re friendly, cute, and low maintenance. Chinchillas are suitable for many ages, in big cities or the country, for both new pet owners and those dedicated to chinchillas. However, chinchillas are not the same as cats and dogs. You wouldn’t take care of a horse the same way you’d take care of a dog. You wouldn’t take care of a hamster the same way you’d take care of a goldfish. Similarly, chinchiillas have some needs that are different than the needs of other types of pets. One of the most common problems with owning an exotic pet (reptile, chinchilla, bird, etc) is that very often is it difficult to find information on proper nutrition. Although caring for a chinchilla seems simple, feeding them is not quite as straightforward as buying a bag of dog food at the pet store. Chinchillas are strict herbivores. Unlike dogs and cats, chinchillas’ digestive systems are built to efficiently digest toug.. [More] chinchillaeatshay.jpg
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28 JUN 2014
Filter Media Maintenance
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The filter is widely considered the most important part of any fish aquarium. This fantastic piece of kit will keep your fish happy by removing toxic waste products and chemicals from the aquarium. Some filters also work to ensure that air is introduced into the water.   Without filter media inside the filter however, it will be pretty much pointless. Filter media is used to collect all of the particles and dirt that is removed from the aquarium, so that it doesn’t flow straight back into the fish tank. There are three types of filter media, mechanical, biological, and chemical. All three types can work together to ensure the smooth running of your fish tank. Over time, beneficial bacteria will grow inside your tank and inside the filtration media, helping the fish tank to stay healthy naturally. How to clean your filter media Never wash your filter media in tap water. This will strip the filter media of bacteria by polluting it with chlorine and o.. [More] filter media maintenance.jpg
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28 JUN 2014
Choosing A Guinea Pig Cage
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What makes a good guinea pig cage? Many guinea pig owners don't realize how important housing can be. Because a guinea pig will spend a good deal of their life in his cage, it is imperative that the cage is big enough and outfitted with the proper accessories and supplies. The majority of cages marketed for guinea pigs are not large enough and many are terribly small. What should I look for in a cage? Many of the cages marketed for guinea pigs today are entirely too small. It's important when choosing the right cage for your cavy that you make sure the cage provides plenty of space to run and play. The minimum cage size recommended by RSPCA for two guinea pigs should be 120cm x 60cm x 45cm, however for the sake of your guinea pig's health and happiness, consider providing as large a cage for them as possible. The minimum cage sizes are: One guinea pig:                100cm x 50cm .. [More] adopt guinea pig.jpg
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28 JUN 2014
Buying A Chinchilla Cage
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Thinking about getting a chinchilla but you don’t know the first thing about chinchilla cages? Or maybe you just want to upgrade your chinchilla’s modest home into an upmarket chinchilla cage mansion? Either way, this article will tell you all that you need to know about chinchillas, from basic requirements to the best chinchilla cages available in South Africa. What to Look for in Chinchilla Cages Trying to figure out what features are necessary and important in a chinchilla cage can be a daunting task to the novice chinchilla keeper. Some of the cages in South Africa is not ideal for chinchillas for various reasons. Here are the basic things you should look for in an adequate chinchilla home. The first thing we’ll talk about is the cage size. Chinchilla cages should be at least 100cm long by 50cm wide, and have a height of at least 60 cm, but more is better. Chinchillas really like to use vertical space in their homes. Having multi.. [More] chinchilla-house.jpg
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28 JUN 2014
How To Choose Your Pet Bird
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You've decided to get a bird - a new pet bird for yourself, your family and your home. Now it's time to choose one. The decision to adopt a particular bird should be made based on a mix of impulse and logic, but it should not be a spur-of-the-moment decision. There are a number of factors to consider before you adopt a bird, factors that will help you identify the requirements that must be met when buying your bird. Answer the following questions before you begin to look at birds so that you can maintain a sense of logic in your decision making and when dealing with the shelter, animal center, breeder's home or pet shop. How much time do you have to spend with your bird? This is probably the most important question. Birds are intelligent, playful and most importantly, social animals. Will you have time to interact with your bird? To care for it properly? Birds can live a very long time, a budgie can live up to 10 years, a cockatiel can live up to 20 years, an Af.. [More] pet birds choosing.jpg
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28 JUN 2014
Can Rabbits & Guinea Pigs Live Together
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It has been thought that rabbits and guinea pigs make the ideal companions, but it is actually not recommended. Previously it was not easy to neuter rabbits and so most people didn’t opt for this, and so they would choose a guinea pig for a companion for their rabbit so as to avoid any possible breeding issues. These days however, neutering a rabbit is a straightforward procedure and so this is no longer an issue. There are several reasons why it is not desirable to keep these two species together…   Rabbits and guinea pigs have very different dietary requirements. You simply cannot buy a generic food to feed them without neglecting the dietary needs of one or even both of them. Feeding them both a different diet while they share their living space would be practically impossible. Guinea Pigs need a diet high in vitamin C as they cannot produce their own like rabbits do. That’s why Excel guinea pig nuggets are enriched with this particular vitamin. W.. [More] RAWrabbits.jpg
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26 JUN 2014
Avoiding Bad Ingredients In Pet Food
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Just as people are becoming increasingly aware of how many preservatives, hormones, synthetic dyes and chemicals are present in many conventional food sources, and how detrimental they can be to human health, so are they realizing that synthetic chemicals are not good for their beloved pets, either. The health craze that has been sweeping the modern world hasn’t stopped at human food. Your veterinary technician will agree: high quality pet food is worth the price. People need healthful, nutrient-rich food with plenty of vitamins and minerals and as few chemicals and “fillers” as possible for long life and an overall sense of well-being. So does your pet. High quality pet food usually costs a bit more because rather than using cheap, empty ingredients, quality pet food is packed with protein-rich nutrition, with natural rather than chemical preservation. If you can afford it, buying high quality types of pet food is altogether worth the money for the benef.. [More] organic petfood.jpg
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24 JUN 2014
Chinchilla Enrichment
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Your chinchillas may start off as quite timid pets, but with plenty of love and enriching activities, they can become quite lively creatures. Chinchillas can be quite inquisitive and should be introduced to new activities and games for the duration of their 10-15 year life. Here are just a few enrichment activities.   Enriching activities for your chinchilla? Chinchillas are prey animals, and they will spend plenty of time hiding until they become comfortable with their surroundings. They’re likely to enjoy hiding away almost as much as they love running and jumping. The enrichment activities that you choose for your chinchilla should address these natural desires – and their need to chew. You may want to consider: Creating tunnels, Adding boxes to hide in and jump from, Ensuring that different levels of the housing are moved occasionally, or Providing a chinchilla safe wheel (with a smooth surfa.. [More] taming chinchilla.jpg
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24 JUN 2014
Basic Healthcare For Rabbits
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Veterinarians claim that as many as 75% of the rabbits that they treat have signs of dental disease. Although rabbit teeth seem to have a mind of their own, you can take action that will avoid your pet becoming one of the statistics. Here a quick guide to rabbit health care – starting with their teeth. Understanding Rabbit Health Concerns Just like humans, rabbits are very susceptible to health issues caused by diet. Generally, these concerns are due to a lack of fibre in their diet. Primary concerns often show up first in rabbit teeth; these include: Teeth that are not worn down – rabbits wear down their teeth when eating Timothy Hay and other grasses. The normal grinding motion of the cheek teeth when eating hay, such as Timothy, is crucial to oral health, as overgrown teeth may be painful – or even fatal if a rabbit can no longer eat properly. Obesity is another issue; rabbits need a lot of digestible and indigesti.. [More] group of rabbits.jpg
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