27 APR 2015
South Africa Get Ready For Comfy Brand
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Comfy is a brand owned by the Polish company AQUAEL and will be available end of June 2015 in South Africa. The Comfy product line includes high-quality accessories for dogs and cats designed to ensure that your pet spends every single day of its life in comfort and luxury. They are manufactured of first-class materials in Poland ensuring long-term usage with no signs of damage or wear, and are resistant to teeth and claw marks. Many of the products e.g. beddings, kennels and bags are washable. Comfy products meet high safety standards and are made of non toxic, natural materials.   The Comfy brand includes: APPETIT dog food Thanks to the Comfy APPETIT line of dog foods, your pet will enjoy a properly balanced diet. COMFY APPETIT dog food and snacks are made of all-natural ingredients favoured by dogs and will be relished even by the most fussy eaters. Pet Bedding Comfy offer a wide range of Comfy beddings and mattresses made of natural skin-friendly .. [More] dogtoysphoto2.jpg
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24 APR 2015
Benefits of Small Animal Chew Toys
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For years, small pets were only provided with food, water and bedding, and they spent the majority of their days in their cages. However, today's small animal pet owners are more apt to recognize the importance of offering plenty of out-of-cage time mixed with positive social interaction and a variety of challenging toys to keep their pets happily occupied throughout the day.   Whether it’s called a toy or a treat, having something to chew on is top priority for small animals. These pets have teeth that grow continuously, and gnawing is a natural way for them to keep their teeth at the proper level to provide healthy eating habits and good dentition. But chew toys aren’t just a necessity, they’re also fun. Interactive Toys An increasing number of small animal pet owners seek interactive toys. Similar to dog owners who wish to play catch with their pets, small pet owners also crave one-on-one interactions with their pets. There is no need to ke.. [More] hamsterplaying.jpg
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14 APR 2015
Training Your Guinea Pigs
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Did you know that it can be pretty easy to train your guinea pigs to do tricks? Guinea pigs can’t really be trained in the same way as a dog can but, with a bit of patience, time and a couple of treats your guinea pig will be able to carry out tricks at a basic level. It may take you a little while to teach your guinea pig to jump through a hoop but the important thing is to make sure you have fun with it! You’ll probably be better sticking to one trick at a time to avoid any confusion. Repetition and consistency is the key! So make sure you show your guinea pig the same way every time – even your body language needs to stay the same! You may need to show your guinea pigs 3 times or 15 times or even 30 times, but, once your guinea pig has mastered it you’ll both feel great! The key is not to lose your patience, try to relax and enjoy bonding process with your pet. If you’re struggling to teach your guinea pig new tricks then this could be.. [More] guineapigyawn2.jpg
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05 APR 2015
Aquael Launches Pearl High Aquariums
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Most aquarium sets are not very tall. The new AQUAEL PEARL HIGH aquarium sets due for release in South Africa around end of June 2015 are completely different. The 40 cm wide model is not 25 cm but 40 cm tall, and the 60 cm width model – 50 cm tall (instead of the standard 30 cm). This modification means that PEARL HIGH aquarium sets offer exceptional decorative value to all types of interiors. Because the tank is taller, it also increases its capacity. The PEARL HIGH 60 flat set is 90l. This means it can hold more fish that a classic 60cm set. PEARL HIGH sets are lit with modern energy saving LEDDY TUBE 6 W SUNNY modules. The 40 cm sets have one module whilst the 60 cm sets have two. Filtration is provided by an efficient internal filter (PEARL HIGH 40) or three stage biological/mechanical overflow filter installed in the cover (PEARL HIGH 60). The sets are also equipped with an automatic heater which ensures optimal temperature conditions. .. [More] pearlhighblog.jpg
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05 APR 2015
New Budget Aquael Aquarium Filters
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AQUAEL has launched a revolutionary new line of budget internal aquarium filters which will be available in South Africa towards the end of June 2015. The ASAP filters with affordable pricing between R200 and R350 will combine high performance and great usability features with a clever design that reduces the time required to do maintenance on your aquarium. The ASAP internal filters consists of a motor that uses very little electricity and placed in a stylish housing and a large transparent filter bowl filled with carefully chosen filtration sponge. The sponge is quickly populated by beneficial bacteria, so water passing through the filter undergoes biological as well as mechanical filtration. Thanks to this, your aquarium water remains clean and safe for your aquarium inhabitants. The filter requires two basic types of maintenance procedures. One consists in removing the filter bowl and replacing it with a new one (Aquael offers standard cartridges as well .. [More] AQUAELASAPfilterintank.jpg
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02 APR 2015
Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust Bath
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Chinchillas have dense fur. Over time, oils and moisture collect in their fur. In the wild, chinchillas have no way to clean their fur other than to roll around in volcanic ash which acts as an absorbent. You should never bathe your chinchilla in water. Doing so would remove the natural oils which protect their skin and helps them regulate their body temperature. Instead, it is best to give them a bowl or container filled with "special" dust for them to roll around in. The finer the dust, the better. A regular dust bath is an absolute necessity for chinchillas. Taking a vigorous dust bath is one of their natural behaviors, and is how chinchillas keep their lush coats clean and healthy. Not only does this dust bath help to keep their thick fur smooth and silky, it is thought to be relaxing and fun for chinchillas. Blue Cloud is the best chinchilla dust you can use. This ultra-fine aluminum silicate powder contains no limestone, glass, or sand and shakes comple.. [More] chinchilladustbath5.jpg
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