28 APR 2014
Feeding Chinchillas The Right Diet
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This is a question we are often asked… Can I feed my Chinchilla Rabbit Pellets? The answer we always give is a resounding “no”. Chinchillas have a similar digestive system to rabbits and fibre is a core part of their diet. However, their nutritional needs are quite different which is why Burgess formulated Excel Nuggets specifically for Chinchillas. Consistently feeding rabbit nuggets or rodent pellets to a chinchilla can cause illness, so please opt for a food that has been specifically formulated to meet their needs.     This is also why we would suggest that rabbits and chinchillas are not kept together as pets. As with rabbits, a chinchilla’s teeth will continue to grow throughout his life. They can become overgrown and this can be fatal. A good, coarse fibre filled diet, including Burgess Excel feeding timothy hay, will help to keep teeth in good shape in addition to wooden chew objects for gnawing. If you spot that your chinchilla is.. [More] chinchillaplaying.jpg
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27 APR 2014
Aquael Unimax Canister Filters
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One of the newer additions to our canister filter line, is the UniMax Plus canister filter from AquaEl. AquaEl is still a relatively new name to the South African market, with a long history of quality products sold in Europe. The UniMax Plus is one of the best canister filters to hit the South African market in recent years, with several features that make it both unique, and high performance. The feature that really stands out with the UniMax plus, is its internal UV sterilizer, providing unrivaled water quality, with a single piece of equipment. Mechanical, Biological, Chemical, and Sterilization all in one. Another cool feature of the UniMax, are the multiple intakes and outlets on the two larger models. This gives you much improved water flow in larger tanks, versus models with only a single inlet and outlet. The impeller design is also unique in the unimax, the impeller housing sits below the water level inside the canister, unlike most other units that h.. [More] unimax canister filter blog.jpg
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26 APR 2014
Teff, Eragrostis or Timothy Hay
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Hay should form the foundation of a rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla’s diet and you need to make sure you are feeding a plentiful supply each and every day. There are a number of different types of hay available and certain things you should look out for before feeding. What's the Key to Good Hay? There are three main factors when it comes to choosing a good quality hay, no matter what variation it may be: It must be fresh and sweet-smelling with no musty smell. It must be free from excessive dust. It must have been stored out of direct sunlight, in a dry location, in a container that is NOT airtight. (Sealing hay in an airtight container encourages the growth of potentially deadly mold toxins). Know your Hay In South Africa we have Teff Hay due to our warm climate conditions. It is almost brown looking (a little green but not much), and it is soft to the touch. Teff Hay has a lower protein and nutrient content than Timothy Hay, depending on the grow.. [More] hay-meadow-300x199.jpg
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23 APR 2014
New Pet Inn Vetro Plus Cages
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Looking for a cage that'll ensure your hamster feels truly at home? We've got a fantastic range to choose from, including brightly coloured options in a range of sizes. You'll also find plenty of different shapes on offer, from classic rectangle hamster cages to fun compartmental cages with interconnecting tunnels. Pet Inn has launched a new range of hamster cages, called Vetro Plus Nature, which is a two-level cage that combines the traditional wire mesh cage technology with a glass bottom tray.   The transparent glass bottom section allows you to observe the activities of your hamster all the time. The glass tray is quite high and can contain a thick layer of bedding, in which the hamster can hide itself following its natural instincts. This also prevents dirt being kicked out from the cage, so the surrounding area around the cage, will always be clean. The top mesh wire section with 7mm spacing between the bars provides adequate ventilation for your pet. This .. [More] Vetrocageblog.jpg
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23 APR 2014
Filter Media That Last For Years
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Cermedia, the makers of MarinePure Biofilter Media have created an ultra high surface ceramic biofilter media that will reduce nitrites, ammonia and nitrates from your fish aquarium or koi pond system for years to come without the need for replacement. MarinePure's Thin Bio-Film Technology promotes better bacteria growth that can be used in trickle filters, canister filters, media reactors or in areas where water can be passed through the media such as a sump compartment. MarinePure comes in several form factors. Here's a general breakdown of the some various products and how they can be used. 1½" Spheres (3.8 cm in diametre) Designed for Ammonia and Nitrite Removal. One MarinePure Sphere has the same surface area as 1,350 plastic 1.5" bio-balls.   Sizes available: 2-quart  (1.9 Litre) 1-gallon (3.8 Litre) 5-gallon (19 Litre) 100-liter Use in canister filters, sumps, and w.. [More] marine pure spheres blog.jpg
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23 APR 2014
Why Hamsters Make Great Pets
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Hamsters make great pets but whether you decide on a Dwarf or Syrian hamster they both need the love and care that a larger animal would. Make sure you are prepared to take on the responsibility, especially if you are adopting your hamster (or hamsters) for a child as a family pet. Dwarf Hamster Due to their small size Dwarf hamsters are not recommended for small children, especially the Roborovski. Hamsters are nocturnal but once they are up and about they are full of energy and can be found swinging from the bars of their cage like a child on a monkey swing, which is entertaining to watch and you find yourself willing them on. They’re also into everything, loving to gnaw on the cardboard box you bring them home in!, and are gentle natured. The four species of Dwarf hamster are: Russian Campbell, Russian Winter White, Roborovski and Chinese, although technically a Chinese hamster is not classed as a Dwarf due to their longer tails. The most commonly kept as a pet i.. [More] syrian hamster dark brown.jpg
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22 APR 2014
Do Birds Prefer Seed Or Pellet?
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Congratulations on your efforts to provide your feathered friend with optimum nutrition. Seed is never a balanced diet and results in severe nutritional deficiencies that will result in the early death of your bird. After years of healthy eating with uncoloured Roudybush Maintenance pellets as the staple diet, what do parrots prefer when given the choice of a sunflower seed or pellet as a treat? 10 out of 10 they picked Roudybush pellets over sunflower seeds. Once in a while they just like something different for fun or variety and that's perfectly normal. If pellets make up the dominant portion of their diet, this is absolutely considered to be more healthy by avian veterinarians. Interestingly the same results continued for pellets vs nuts as long as the nut wasn't bigger than the pellet. However, the birds will often go for a small piece of pellet over an average piece of nut or seed. Feeding a pelleted diet is essential to maintaining a healthy pet bird. .. [More] seedorpellet.jpg
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21 APR 2014
Right Food For Guinea Pigs
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It’s important to feed your guinea pig the right food. Guinea pigs, like all animals have quite specific dietary requirements and shouldn’t be fed food meant for other animals. Food that is meant for rabbits, or a generic food designed for all small mammals will not have the right balance of nutrients for your guinea pig. Poor nutrition can lead to various illnesses and ailments and so picking the right food for your pet is very important. Pick a food that is specially formulated for guinea pigs. Make sure it actually states on the pack that it is guinea pig food. Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Tasty Nuggets Choose a high quality food such as Burgess Excel and you’ll be sure that it has been developed with your guinea pigs’ needs in mind and will contain all the nutrients, and all the vitamins and minerals that your pet needs to grow up healthy and happy. A top quality food will have more natural ingredients than a cheaper food and it will be tastier for yo.. [More] wild-at-heartguineapigs.jpg
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20 APR 2014
Revolutionary Bedding & Litter
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In South Africa we all enjoy warm weather. But with this warmth comes a problem we all know too well – fleas, mites and flies. Unfortunately many pets succumb, and rabbits and small furries are no exception. With smaller pets living in hutches and small enclosures, the bedding and litter material can often contribute to the problem by providing an ideal environment to help propagate their life cycles.   Burgess Pet Care is pleased to announce a revolutionary new product, Excel Bedding and Litter. It’s also highly fluid and odour absorbent, long lasting, biodegradable and easy to clean, and is therefore truly fit for purpose. This unique bedding helps prevent flea, mite and fly infestations as it contains an added natural biocide that interferes with the exoskeleton of insects, thereby killing them through dehydration. This has considerable health and welfare benefits as it reduces the risk of fly strike and pododermatitis. Excel Bedding and.. [More] ExceLbeddingBLOG.jpg
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18 APR 2014
Muesli Can Kill Rabbits
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Rabbits are being killed by owners who feed them muesli, according to a shock study by Edinburgh researchers in England. They found the cereal – commonly fed to the pets – causes fatal dietary problems. It is thought the findings could also apply to guinea pigs and chinchillas.   Now pet shops are being urged to remove muesli-style rabbit food from their shelves after researchers at Edinburgh University found it was causing potentially deadly problems. An extensive study discovered that while Britain’s 1.7 million pet bunnies seemed quite happy munching muesli all these years, the food is causing unnecessary visits to the vets and shortening their lives. Now, owners are being urged to feed their pets a daily diet of hay or grass, with some leafy green vegetables and a small amount of pellets instead. An estimated 57 per cent of rabbit owners give their pets muesli-style foods because they have been led to believe it was an appropria.. [More] rabbit say-no-to-muesli.jpg
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